I’ve won the lottery!

Oops, sorry I forgot to add the ‘if’ in the title – I do apologise :). Now that I have your attention, I recently received an email from the National Lottery! Eager to see my winnings I quickly accessed my emails, just to find that I have gained a lucky dip somewhere or other. I still don’t actually know what this means, but it got me wondering, what would I do if I won the lottery!

Original Image from pixabay.com
Original Image from pixabay.com

I need to establish some important points before you continue to read this blog. Firstly I am talking about winning a significant amount of money, not the usual ten pounds that comes my way – I’m talking MILLIONS!. Secondly, I am going to be completely selfish. What I mean by this is that I am not going to discuss the usual giving to charity, helping my family etc. etc. etc. Consider these as given so we can get down to the fun stuff. Not that giving money to my family isn’t fun…it’s just, well you know.

  • Studio time! – As some of you might be aware, I am a very small scale/time streamer and radio broadcaster. I say small scale, since it reflects the number of viewers/listeners I have rather than the amount of time I actually put into the project. I often say on the radio that listeners can call/tweet into the studio which always sounds grand until you actually see my studio. In essence it is a corner of my bedroom! Buying or creating a dedicate space for this would definitely be on the lottery shopping list. A purpose built building would be great, maybe even with a reception space? Coupled with this would be a green screen wall for videoing and a phone/text line for both my listeners to call/text in and chat throughout the shows. If the money allowed it, something like the TwitTV studios would be excellent, with tricasters and control desks providing efficient and effective broadcasting across a range of mediums.It would be excellent to actually get my bedroom back for just sleeping in.

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  • Provide Opportunities – I am lucky to have a full time job which I enjoy. As well as providing me with enjoyment, it also provides me with some limited money in order to finance my internet projects. I’m afraid, if I won enough, I would stop my current job and start to put more time and effort into my streaming and radio – not to make more money with them but more because I enjoy doing them. Money often brings opportunities. Starting out in any business you need to get yourself known and then work harder to get yourself established and then even work harder to bring in enough money to actually finance your life. I understand that ‘big stars’ on the internet probably actually need contracts, free gifts and ‘breaks’ in order to continue to progress and live. However, I want to put some time and effort into the ‘underdogs’ of the internet. Those people who are working so hard but need something whether that be air time, a streaming slot or even just some advice/technical support. Although I would really like the studio, this would not be entirely for me, it would be more as a place that hard working people can come and practise skills and make their first steps into broadcasting or even make some of the ‘vision’ I have for websites, jingles and shows actually become reality. Sometimes I think the world doesn’t actually reward people who want to work hard and I feel that I would like to provide opportunities for this to happen.

  • Employ Staff – This final section is going to make me seem very pompous and snobby – but I’m going for it in any case. There are several things that I don’t do very well at all. These include, but are not limited to, driving, cooking, gardening and being creative. You probably remember how anxious I get with parking spaces, well thinking about where to park when I go places is even worse – sometimes it is so bad that I would actually end up not going! I love the idea of having a garden to walk around and enjoy, but hate getting my hands dirty – this is not relating to hard work – I can literally freak out if I get dirty hands! And cooking – well, you know how it is, once you get home it’s easier to make cheese on toast or a cucumber thin than to cook anything. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably remember my attempt at a tofu burger – probably more apt to call it scrambled egg! So yes, I would like to have a driver, a chef, gardener and personal shopper. I’m assuming that I will have a huge house etc of course! I just feel that with assistance I would be able to ‘spread my wings’ more, venture out more and maybe even get healthier. This is probably very selfish – but I did warn you at the start of this section.

  • So that’s it! my selfish, purely personal thoughts on how I would spend my millions if I won the lottery. I know it is not likely to happen, but it is nice to dream and think about the future. Of course, I am always working towards some of these aims all the time. If I ever do buy a Tricaster, I will probably be sleeping on top of the wardrobe! on second thoughts, it would probably be better to sleep in it.

    What would you spend your millions on? Do you have any great projects which are just awaiting that million pound to arrive so you can achieve them? Why not let me know by adding them in the comments below or sending them to me through any of the social networks which I frequent.

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