July’s Analytics


At the end of every month, I ‘gird my loins’ and have a look at my analytics. When I start to engage with the ‘numbers’ I can get depressed. But I have read so many articles which tell me that I need to engage with them in order to promote growth. I will, therefore, share and reflect on them.


I look at two sets of numbers on Twitch. First is the maximum number of viewers I attract that month and second is my average viewer count. The latter is the last of the criteria I need to achieve for partnership. This month has had ‘drops’ in action for Elder Scrolls Online. I always do better during months with drops. This is because so many great streamers host me to pass the love on. From the graph below, you can probably guess when the last drop month was.

Positives and Negatives

The overall trend (the straight blue line) is up! To quote the Yazz song, ‘the only way is up!’ which appears to be the case here. That’s the positive! The negative? I have some way to go before I reach the magical 75 average viewers for partnership.

YouTube Numbers

With YouTube, I look at three aspects. A number of subscribers and watch hours. These are both needed in order to get reviewed for partnership

Get reviewed after reaching 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1,000 subscribers”
Quote from YouTube

I also look at the number of views to see whether I am increasing my community. This also helps me to see which videos people are watching. When I started with YouTube, the requirements for partnership didn’t seem that far away. It is only now that I am on the journey, that I see how vast they are! But, every long journey starts with small steps, and the stats show that I am increasing – however slowly – in the right direction.

Blog and Podcasts

I look at the number of views for this blog. That is quite easy to get. I admit I now just look at the month at a whole rather than the individual blog posts. The posts that get the most traffic are the old ones about Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds and the home page. I am trying to work on the readability of my posts and the SEO (search engine optimisation) as well. I’ve plateaued at the moment, but I am sure this will increase when people return from summer vacations.

As for the podcast(s). Well ever since the ‘Death of my Radio Station‘ I have been inspired by a comment to start up my own podcast. I’m currently in the creation phase but I will give it a go so keep an eye, or ear, open for the first episode! I do produce the Mythras Matters podcast which is what the current stats are for.

Here is a summary of all the analytics on one image – including adjustments.

An image of my analytics for the different channels I have.
The title says it all.


So, that’s it. All shared with you so you can see how I am doing. I’ll write another one of these next month so that you can check back and see any progression. A huge thanks for all the support you give me. I really do appreciate it and remember, you are contributing to my dream.

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