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A waffle
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Every now and again, I just feel like waffling about a range of topics. These don’t have any connection between them. They are just things which are in my mind which I thought I would get down onto paper.

End of Summer

My summer break is sadly coming to an end. During this time I always set myself ambitious targets. This is probably not the best thing to do since I get to the end of the break and have completed hardly anything.

I have had a rest, which is important. Some days I have done nothing but watch Miss Marple/Hercule Poirot mysteries and YouTube/Twitch channels. This has been good for me. It is always good to turn off for a while.

I never go away on holiday. I prefer to plough my time and efforts into my streaming etc, in a vague hope that things will go well. I have said it before, but here it is a second time. If I was a full-time content creator, then I would definitely go away, disconnect and chill for a week, just to recharge.

The summer has had a mixture of hot weather and cooler wet weather. I have suffered the former and enjoyed the latter. I’m not tanned or anything, but hopefully, my Vit D has been topped up! My face has had a few tingles but has generally been painless and I’ve only had a few episodes of sadness and negativity. Overall its been good with respect to my health.

New ventures

PS4 controller
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Just before I started on my leave, I purchased a PS4 Pro. I was determined to actually start playing on it and streaming the content. I saw people playing Remant: Beyond the Ashes, and managed to download it and start playing it. I am not the best, but perseverance and resilience have meant that I have made some progress both in the game and with my skill. Short-range shotguns are definitely the way to go for me!

Destiny 2, the initial game I was going to play, gave me dreadful motion sickness. I know it sounds strange, but some games, especially first-person shooters, give me this. After I nearly puked on stream, I left it. I tried eating ginger in the form of biscuits, but these just made me get a little fatter. Warframe wasn’t that bad and I was over the moon when I say that my first melee weapon was a staff! Interestingly, I downloaded and had a bash with Overwatch again – Torb Main! I actually don’t feel ill playing this, despite it being first-person! One thing which I was surprised that there were a number of new characters which no one was playing. I gave Wrecking Ball a go and, once I have perfected the swing, I think it will be a fun hamster to play. The fact it is called Hammond makes me smile as well!

In other news

Stream Elements started the beta of their online streaming store this summer. I got accepted onto it. I am super happy! There is only a limited number of items and colours in my store at the moment. These will increase and I feel I need to get better at design in order to improve my sales. I have ordered one of everything and have some ideas for adverts and slogans!

You only get an ‘i’ with inwils!

I’m just super pleased that someone has taken a risk on me! I hope I don’t disappoint.


I started off this random post wanting to talk about something completely different. But, as I type, things just tend to flow out and I end up with a page of waffle.

If you have got to this point then well done! Hope you enjoyed the read!

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