Xboxone console

Just let me buy an XboxOne!

Neverwinter, the game, is now available to play on both the PC and XboxOne. Although I had a go at the game on my PC, more about that later, a colleague at work played on the XBox version so it seemed an appropriate time to upgrade my 360 and but the XBoxOne – easy? well you would have thought so…

Xboxone console

I know I can be stubborn at times but this only because I know what I want to buy and then just want to buy it. I was keen to buy my XBoxOne but didn’t want any of the ‘bundle’ games that are available. For some people this would be a great deal, but for me, the games would just sit on my shelves for eternity since I was not really looking for games, just the console. After leaving work I quickly drove to the nearby Game store to buy my new console. My requirements were simple, I just wanted the console and a Kinect, nothing more, nothing less. I was served by a very friendly retail assistant (correct title?) who introduced me to a range of bundles (we actually had a really good discussion about PC gaming as well). I then said no to the bundles and said I just wanted to buy the console and the Kinect. And so the problem started…

Now quoted price for the ‘bundle’ was £369.99 – roughly – a good price for everything, including a couple of games. But I just wanted the console and…well you should know by now. The price for the console and kinect quoted to me…wait for it…£429.99! What I exclaimed! Yes it was more expensive to buy just two items rather than the bundle. Now this is when my stubborn streak kicks in. No, I am not just going to buy the bundle, I want just…well you know. I was quite disappointed at this stage, thinking that I was not going to play the evening on my new console. I mentioned that I would leave it and even after a ‘code’ had been entered which reduced the price by a couple of pence, the deal I wanted was still more expensive than the bundle. I slowly left the shop and walked back to my car with a solitary tear slowly rolling down my cheek – well a bit of drama added there, but I was disappointed.

One of the side products of being stubborn is being determined. Once I arrived home I immediately went on Amazon to see if I could purchase my required console from there. £379.99 – drat, more expensive than the bundle still. On the off chance I went to the Game website to see if there were any online deals – VICTORY! Console and kinect – £349.99! hooray perfect. Next day delivery, check availability – available at my local store…what? Time to phone the store!

After a quick tweet (@GAMEhelps) I searched for the phone number of the local store. Would you believe that the store number is the same number as the main customer service number – you can’t actually contact them directly. After talking through the various options I was then placed on hold with a pleasant robotic woman interrupting the music every now and again to tell me my current position in the queue. “You are currently number…TEN….in the queue”. After thirty minutes of the torturous countdown I eventually started to talk to a person (Andy) who sounded quite shocked since I should have been able to buy what I wanted at the store for £349.99. what followed was a three way conversation between me and Andy and the hold button as he relayed my queries to the store and they provided the answer. Eventually it was sorted and the console and kinect (just what I wanted) was being kept on hold at the store for me to collect within 24hours.

I actually went and collected it straight away and the store assistants were very apologetic and hoped that I would come back again. It was only the next day that I realised that I didn’t have a code for the free game that game with it, although the kind person manning their twitter account, sent me a code via a direct message later the next day.

I must say that I am pleased I didn’t actually buy either of the versions at the store. But I hope that via my interaction, Game are now more aware of what they are selling. I wasn’t offered any discount or freebies for my time or the confusion – although they did mention that if I had have bought the more expensive version they would have reimbursed the difference in price. I guess it just goes to show that my stubbornness and determination sometimes actually pays off.

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