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I’m not sure whether everyone actually got the wordplay in the title for this blog. It’s from the musical Sunset Boulevard. The title of the song is Just One Look” and tells about how the famous actress could communicate a whole load of feelings with just one look. Well, you might not be aware of this, but the same goes for just one click!

Clicking has a bad rep

I’m not a great fan of creativity. I think it is a word which is often used to describe something that we don’t actually have a word for – “Wow that was so creative!”. I have the same thought about ‘LoL’ and sometimes clicking.

Person clicking a mouse.
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Liking something can have the same impact at times. As you go down the list of replies to you tweets you press ‘like’ ‘like’ ‘like’. I often see this and I do thank you so much for taking the time for this action. For some people, they measure their degree of success by those clicks.

For me, I like to go just one step further and actually reply with something as well as clicking. It is amazing how valuable for the creator this can be.

Talking as a content creator

I’m not a very creative person at all and so calling myself a content creator seems strange. I guess I am more one the ‘content’ side of things rather than the ‘creator’ side.

Someone writing, Be Creative

Many people talk about not caring about what other people think, not to care about views or likes or even subscribers! One of the reasons I create content is to share it. Why do I share it? Well, I want to know that people are enjoying it, appreciate it and perhaps even want more of it. In order to make it as a content creator, these aspects of the role are so important. I do enjoy it immensely, otherwise, I wouldn’t do it, but knowing that what I do bring other people enjoyments means a lot to me.

How do I see that people appreciate my content – well to answer that question, I need to go back to clicks.

Okay, I’ll admit it, sometimes I am doing it every hour or even every minute

One step more…

Every day, week, month I check my posts. Okay, I’ll admit it, sometimes I am doing it every hour or even minute! I’m human and I value that appreciation from people. I appreciate every time that people press the like button, or follows my channel or even retweets something.

But, I want to challenge you to do something which I am trying to do from now on. Rather than just clicking the like button and moving on I am going to take an extra 30 seconds and type something.

I’ve started to do this on Reddit, and I want to spread it across all my practice and also encourage you to do it as well. You will not believe the impact that those 30 seconds can have on creators. Speaking from personal opinion, I like engaging with comments and replies to tweets. I even like replying to blog posts comments. It allows me not to only talk to you if you are one of my readers, but also to reply to you and say thanks.

In the future…

So I was wondering if you would be prepared to join me in my challenge for the future. Instead of just liking going that one step further and reply with words. Instead of just following, say ‘Hi’ in the Twitch channel and when you subscribe on YouTube, just say thanks for the content.

If this sort of extra engagement has the same impact on myself on other content creators, then you will be sharing a bit of support, encouragement or even happiness on a moment which could be a difficult or off day for that creator. And, if you are taking the challenge – let me take this opportunity to say thank you.


Mobile phone showing likes and comments icon.
Photo by Cristian Dina from Pexels

Thanks for reading this content, I do appreciate it. I’m looking at all the new ways for format my blog posts at the moment including the use of images and these quotes the width of the site. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Hope you have enjoyed – it’s my birthday today 🙂 How old am I? You should never ask a gentleman his age 🙂 If you want to figure it out I was born in the year that England won the world cup! Answers in the comments below.

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