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Okay, its an axe - but I will end up with a hammer/mace
Okay, its an axe – but I will end up with a hammer/mace

So this week I had a bit of a change of direction with my characters. After leveling a DeathKnight to 60th in preparation for the profession upgrade ready in the next patch I decided to leave my shaman and start to concentrate on my Paladin. I often wonder which sort of class I play the best within any game. I usually end up with either a pet class or the magic user. I think this is because I would always volunteer to play this class in the ‘olden days’ of dungeons and dragons. When playing World of Warcraft, I actually do enjoy playing a healer, mainly due to the fact that I find it hard to maintain the constant competition to achieve the highest DPS values of the long queues for raids when not playing a healer. With the new Crusader class coming out for Diablo 3 – I suddenly thought I like playing a class in heave armour (preferably plate) and weilding a shield and mace – or alternatively a two handed hammer. With this in mind I decided to start playing my paladin Armyth again.

Nothing but Holy
Nothing but Holy

Healing with Armyth is nearly as enjoyable as healing with my shaman Jajot. Once I had figured out how to build up holy power I was pleased to place the eternal flame HoT onto the tank with my beacon of light duplicating some of the healing onto the off tank. Holy Shock has a relatively short cool down and I like using the Holy Radiance to heal groups of melee. Hurling what I call my ‘healing hammer’ round the melee also helps and gives me a slight dps gain. Mana is a problem in some fights, although Divine Plea is effective and useful, I’m not sure whether I should in the midst of the fighting hitting things with my mace to get some mana back or whether it is just my gear which is currently not allowing my mana to return quick enough.

Out of the healing domain of raids, I can kill things effectively in retribution spec. Unfortunately this means I use a two handed weapon and, although I like it how my blood elf swings it round his back every now and again, I miss my shield and that ‘clunking’ sound when I shield bash. I’m not sure if tanking spec – not sure what this is called – is viable for leveling, although the thought of collecting another set of tanking gear does not fill me with glee!

What am I doing with Armyth at the moment? Well I have just got his healing helmet and as you can see from his armoury I still have some 528 pieces to get – especially his chest, shoulders and cloak. I’m looking forward to getting the shoulders since this will complete the overall look of his armour. I’m also trying to get his mining and blacksmithing up as well as collecting lesser tokens from quests to be able to have more rolls in raids. It’s keeping me busy at the moment, although I don’t think I’ll actually get to Raid Level with him. I’m certainly enjoying the journey at the moment though 🙂

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