Learning to play Minecraft – but I acquired a lodger!

So, as many of you might be aware I have a few Minecraft servers which I thought I would set up to let people join, learn to play, join a community and general enjoy the game. After a great start, things have started to fall into disrepair and I haven’t been giving the servers as much attention as I should have – so I decided to try and kick start them a bit by doing a new minecraft series! – hooray!!!

Some time ago I started to look at a series of videos called Survive and Thrive in Minecraft and started to play through them. I didn’t get very far and the video quality was less than perfect. You can see what happened in the video. I was going to say that you could see, but due to the quality its debatable, but I didn’t get very far – I then started to try and again and failed.

Now, although I own the servers and engage with the usual admin work to keep them going, I don’t actually know how to play Minecraft, apart from the usual movement keys and chopping wood. I don’t tend to make things when I am in Admin Mode since I can just use the /item command and summon what I need. Indeed my whole house was made like that on the VIP server. So, I thought in order to learn about the game I should play it. I’ve had another watch of the new 1.9 Survive and Thrive series and last week I started my new journey on the survival server. I had some initial help from a stream member which was great although there appears to be some issues with the permissions which is set up to protect people’s properties on the server – a wise move I think since it is public. So here it is! If you want to see these videos immediately they come live then don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel – and hitting that Like button makes me smile and have a warm fuzzy feeling inside….

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