Legion is here! and I’m confused.

Well the long awaited Legion finally went live this week and people have reignited their accounts and Twitch is once again alive with people leveling and raiding. As I watch 24hour and three day constant streams happening, I get a glimpse of people’s character selection screens and notice that they all appear to have only one or two characters there. When I look at mine, I see it is nearly full – is this just a reflection of my indecision or have I yet to find my perfect class?

As part of my Waffling Radio Show I discuss some issues relating to gaming from my own inexperienced point of view. One story which needed no expertise to understand was that the new level cap of 110 which had been reached by a Twitch Streamer called Fragnance with his Demon Hunter in 5 hours and 28 minutes. I haven’t actually started the leveling yet, but I am predicting that it will take me approximately three years with the first two and ten twelfths being taken up with actually trying to decide which class to play and complete the journey with. I am thinking that instead of trying to decide which I would be best at playing I should really just choose a class and become good at playing it. This would probably reduce the leveling time by at least a couple of years!

When the pre-release of Legion came out I jumped on straight away and actually tried to take a Demon Hunter through their starting area – maybe one day, just maybe I will get the hang of a class straight away and find that I am ultra – or is it uber- at playing it! Until that time – here is me and my first Demon Hunter.

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