Leveling a druid!

If I look down my list of characters I have two who are not yet 90th level. One, a deathknight, is only 60th, since I heard that you needed to have a 60th level character in order to get an extension on one of your trade skills? Not sure if that is true or now, but I quickly leveled a Deathknight to 60th just in case. The other class which is below 90th was my druid at 84th. Noticed I said ‘was’ since this has now changed!

Turnbull the Moonkin Druid!
Turnbull the Moonkin Druid!

If you haven’t been watching Syiler on TwitchTV you will not be aware that he is currently doing an epic leveling session, 1- 100th without sleep. He has done these before, usually 1-90th, but has chosen the beta servers in order to progress completely to 100th. I thought that might actually use this to inspire me to do some leveling with my druid – so with Syiler’s stream in the background I embarked on the leveling process. Since I was using Moonkin form you can imagine that I disliked the ‘you are going to be hit while trying to cast spells’ process. My DPS within dungeons has been somewhat lacking, but I am lucky that at the moment no-one seems to have noticed! I’ve linked to some of the leveling videos below – there isn’t much chat since no-oone is usually chatting to me, although I do sometimes try to make the effort and chat to myself – something that I am very proficient at :).

One thing I must say at this point is that although I don’t think I could stay awake for the length of time Syiler does, the other thing that I would find hard is his rapid progression in completing quests and his perseverance to level. I usually get bored after a couple of minutes or get distracted by a cuppa and a cold Twirl awaiting attention in the fridge.

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