Life is hard at the bottom

The slippery climb to success

Making a difference

Whenever you are trying to achieve something new, you always need to start at the bottom and work up. This is very important, because it shows whether you have the determination and grit to actually achieve your aim/dream. If we all got there really easily then, apart from the lack of challenge, everyone would be there and no-one would actually cherish the final reward. I have never asked for an easy ride to where I am now, I have definitely worked hard to get here and will continue to work hard to get wherever I want to be. This post is not about getting freebies or hand outs, or even a leg up. This post is about climbing that ladder of success and the breaks we small timers get.

Where are all those breaks?

Looking back over the year, I started to think about all the breaks that I have actually received during the past year. Since starting my Twitch Channel I have been growing slowly being blessed by a community of people who support me day after day! Every time someone new follows, every time someone stumbles over my channel, every time someone says that they enjoy my streams – I smile and acknowledge that these are the breaks. I started my Twitch Channel 8 years ago. Streaming to a regular schedule has increased the community and my presence on Twitch. I might even be known on Twitch now, small-time ‘known’ you understand, but still known.

In a similar way, every subscriber, view and/or comment on my YouTube Channel I class as a break. The fact that someone has actually spent some of that most valuable commodity – time – to watch, comment or click on like.dislike button, makes me smile and get quite a warm fuzzy feeling inside. I’m not huge in any sense of the word, but I am getting some breaks and for that I am grateful!

Why write this post then?

You might be thinking, if you are lucky to get all these breaks inwils, why are you writing this? Well, I received an email this morning which, despite all the breaks I am lucky to have, knocked me down big time! I’m not huge I know, I am incredibly small. I am constantly trying new approaches out, learning new things and working long hours to climb that ladder of success. The ladder is already slippery but I continue to climb despite missing my footing or slipping off a hand hold. Up at the top of the ladder are two groups of people. Both have reached the top and are successful and they are looking down at all us small time ‘wannabees’ climbing up the ladder towards them.

The top ladder supporters

The first group of people who are at the top I love and really appreciate them. They made the same climb some time ago and remember how difficult it was. They look down with admiration and appreciate and every now and again drop a piece of rope to help us on our climb. Full time streamers raid you channel, influential individuals like or share your content. To us ladder climbers, this is so beneficial. But there are not just individuals up there, smaller companies are ther supporting us climbers and acknowledging that we are doing well (I’m talking about companies like StreamElements and Discord). Not only does it show us that people are seeing us, but it also motivates us to continue to climb.

The top ladder hinderers

I’m not sure whether ‘hinderers’ is a word, but I am going to use it. Just as the people who support the climb to success are individuals or small companies the hinderers are the mega-corporations. Just like in the game Shadowrun, they are massive, generate million of pounds every year and tend not to be throwing ropes to assist our climb, but are tipping over huge barrels of grease from the top, down onto the ladder and us, making everything slippery so we are likely to fall and, after several attempts, give up,

It is very hard to generate cash from online activities. but in order to make it a full-time option, you need to make it pay. I’ve read loads of videos about using affiliate marketing on my sites to generate income. I went with Amazon, mainly because of their positive reputation, but this morning I received an email that felt like a vat of grease had just been tipped onto me. Basically, my Amazon affiliate link from my website is not generating enough ‘traffic’ and so it is going to be removed from my by mid January – unless I generate more ‘clicks’. As I was trying desperately to grab back onto the ladder, I felt myself slipping and falling.

But I don’t give up that easily

I have several mantras which I like to repeat to myself in times like this and this is one of those times. As I am writing this blog post, I am constantly thinking about it, in order to keep me motivated and going forward.

“Give out generously, give in graciously but NEVER give up.


As a fall I frantically grab onto a stray rung and start heading upward once again. You might be trying to make it difficult for me Amazon, YouTube and, to some exten, Twitch, but bring it on! I might be small but I have determination which borders on stubbornness. I know there are people cheering for me at the top of the ladder and I will soon be climbing again!

The only way for me, is up!

So Amazon, take my affiliate link off me, because it is not providing you with enough ‘clicks’, YouTube, remove my monetization until I have thousands of random subscribers and hundreds of view hours – I don’t really care. I have the support of my lovely community (the in-crowd) and those people and companies (like StreamElements) up at the time of the ladder cheering me on and providing me with motivation. Oh, and just so you know, when I get up there, and I will, I will be supporting everyone who is climbing like I was, sharing their content, subbing to them and retweeting their content.

Oh, and when I eventually get up there with you all, be warned, I will not only be cheering for those climbers, but I will be providing grease proof umbrellas and non-slip gloves for each and every climber. I might spend some time falling or stalling but for me, the only way is up…

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