Life of the casual gamer

Well last night, in the depths of a dungeon, my druid eventually dinged 90th! I rejoiced internally and logged. Waking up this morning, I logged on again and instinctively went onto my now 90th level druid. Once I appeared in the Shrine of Moons I suddenly stopped to think…what do I do now?

Apart from a couple of months within a guild raiding, I spend the majority of my time on World of Warcraft being what I class as a casual gamer. Initially this might appear to imply that I play every now and again which would not really be true. I try to play almost everyday, although the actual timing of this does change from day to day. However, I would class myself as a casual gamer when it comes to establishing identifiable goals. Without the membership of a raiding guild, what is there for a player like me to achieve.

  • Leveling– Leveling is something which I can enjoy achieving without relying on anyone else. Although completing dungeons are often beneficial, I can continue to complete quests just allowing the dungeon groups to pop when they are available. I prefer to do this in a DPS spec, since the number of times I have come out of the dungeon in healing spec straight into combat or started to heal with my DPS gear on has become too numerous to count.

  • Trade Skills – There are a number of trade skills which I have not yet mastered. These can be somewhat difficult to achieve due to having to return to lower leveling grounds to collect the required materials to increase the skills level. I do have one master cooker and fisher (my shaman) and leveling these with another class does not exactly fill me with excitement.

  • I'm sure there is a mount similar to this from the Darkmoon Fair
    I’m sure there is a mount similar to this from the Darkmoon Fair
  • Rare mounts and pets – With the new Green Fire Hawk being available in the new expansion, many people are busy collecting mounts at the moment. This is an activity which I can attempt, especially when the lower level dungeons are easily solo-able by a range of classes. Coupled with this is the challenge of picking up some new pets with my hunter. This is something that is almost class specific but something which I enjoy doing. I still need to get my Darkmoon Fair mount to go with my purple bird pet!

  • There is always plenty for someone to achieve in WoW, although there are more options or more focus on these activities when guilded and raided on a regular basis. If I cam getting my cooking up, there is more of a focus if I am needed to provide the noodle cart for the raid or a supply of potions. After writing this post, I actually created a Panda Protection Warrior – drat for alliteration purposes it should have been a paladin! πŸ™‚

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