Luther Arkwright Podcast seeks players!

Not one Earth, but an infinity of them, existing in parallel continua, their own paths, own histories, own futures, own mistakes. Most are unaware of the existence of a multiverse; but some parallels know that Earth is not alone, but mirrored.

ZeroZero knows. It watches the parallels, ensures their stability. ZeroZero knows that instability spreads like a disease, infecting each parallel until a critical mass is reached and cataclysm is guaranteed.

The Disruptors know. And they are intent on subverting the multiverse for their own ends, to destabilise countries, instigate wars, bring about destruction.

The Valhalla Project was established to stop the Disruptors; to uncover their plans, identify their agents, and eliminate them. Their best agent is Luther Arkwright, unique in the multiverse, a powerful psychic, but himself unstable. Arkwright does not work alone. There are others.


Luther Arkwright: Roleplaying Across the Parallels

Luther Arkwright: Roleplaying Across the Parallels is a setting supplement for the Mythras Role Playing Game. Although I am not familiar with the Luther Arkwright graphic novels, I am familiar with the Mythras rule system, having created several YouTube videos relating to the game as well as currently being sponsored by The Design Mechanism (TDM) the making of the system.

What am I looking for.

I am interested in making a podcast which focuses on the adventures of a group of Valhalla Agents as they travel through the parallels, uncovering the plans of the Distruptors and bringing them to justice. The sessions will be focused on the narrative and story telling, rather than tactical combat, with the theatre of the mind being used to bring scenarios to life. The podcast would be recorded live, with each session lasting 1-2 hours long. The first five podcasts would be recorded before they are published. I am looking for role players who would be willing to become the Valhalla Agents and travel across the parallels.

You do not need any understanding of either the ruleset or the setting. You just need to be able to commit to the sessions and be a role player who focuses on story telling and role playing rather than combat. The scenarios will include problem solving and investigations so these skills should be high on your role playing list.

If you are interested then please enter your details on in the form below. Please provide as much information as possible. If you have any questions then please reach out and ask me on Twitter or Discord.