Magic the Gathering – Tapped and Destroyed!

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Magic the Gathering – Tapped and Destroyed!
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If you follow me on Twitch, you might have seen that the title included the phrase -‘I’ve been accepted!’

This wasn’t anything to do with my as a person but was linked to an application I made to be part of the Magic: The Gathering Creator Program!

I was accepted but it has ended in misery 🙁

Can’t connect

I started to play the game and really enjoyed it! There are challenges to fulfil as part of the program and I soon managed to get my stream for 3 hours and stream for 5 hours!

Although I was still awaiting my rewards for these challenges I wanted to play some more so powered it up to stream it for a while.

However, I got an error, that I could not connect. After trying for a while I emailed their support in order to get back connected.

They sent me a list of things to do – which I did – but still no joy.

Then they asked for the logs. I turned this feature on and sent them 6 log files in a hope that they could help me.

Fantastic Response Time!

After emailing them the log files, I got a response within 4 minutes – yes you heard that correctly – four minutes!

However, I was gutted by their response.

Thank you very much for working with us to try and find a fix to the issues you’re encountering. Based on the information you’ve supplied and the steps you’ve already tried, I’m sorry to say that we don’t have any known solutions to the problem you’re experiencing and are unable to advise you further

Andrew from Wizards of the Coast


Yes, within four minutes they managed to read the six log files, investigate the issue and come to the conclusion that there was no solutions for me.

My heart dropped.

Despite being accepted to the Creator Program, my achievement had been shattered by connection issues


So, unfortunately, I can no longer complete my challenges even though I see them waiting to be achieved.

I am willing but it would seem that connection issues have not been with me.

Thanks Wizard of the Coast for all your support. Hopefully you will be able to find a solution to this in the future.







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