Managing my Social Media Strategy #rant!

This is going to be an off the cuff waffle about something which happened this month which has really started to bother me. I’m not necessary talking from a position of knowledge or understanding here, just how things are affecting me at my level. I’m sure someone will be able to post the whys and wherefores below in the comment, but at the moment I am going to have a rant!

Social Media Plan

If you read any article or watch any Youtube video about promoting you blog, channel or even yourself across the internet, you will see a Social Media Marketing strategy mentioned somewhere. This is desirable as it gets you known beyond the sites which you are actively engaging with – e.g. I post when I am streaming on Twitter and the Facebook Page to notify people and possibly lure people to my stream (lure sounds so sinister – pauses for an evil cackle!). In an attempt to grow my channel I have been making investments in both time and money in order to support this approach – you have to be in it to win it!

My Tweeting Tools

Since I have multiple accounts, my gaming one, my personally one and my radio one, I tend to use TweetDeck in order to keep an eye on all the tweets and hopefully engage with them. It was always useful having them all on my laptop so I could then tweet something to multiple accounts. For example, when a radio show was starting or when my stream was about to go live, one tweet could be sent to multiple streams. Sadly, Twitter stopped this so now, I have to cut and paste the tweet to each account and post it separately. Although this might not sound that arduous, it is time consuming and something which I often forget to do. In this age of technology you would have thought that companies would be trying to make things easier rather than requiring more time investment!

It gets worse!

But it is not only just Twitter which I engage with, I also have a personal Facebook account and three pages which I monitor and post to. In order to use some sort of automation, I invested in Hootsuite so that I could upload regular tweets, e.g. my radio shows and Twitch streams, via the CSV uploader. This has been going very well, but I logged onto Hootsuite the other day and found out that not only can I not post to multiple Twitter accounts with a touch of a button, I can now not post to my PERSONAL facebook account from 3rd party apps, i.e. Hootsuite!

Change in workflow

So now, and I thought this would be interesting to illustrate my point, my work flow for my social media strategy has changed dramatically. In the past, I would log into Hootsuite or upload a CSV file or type in my Tweet and click all the social media accounts I wanted it to appear on and press a button. Easy! Now, if I am uploading from the CSV file, I need to upload and schedule it for each of the twitter feeds I want it to appear on and, as if adding insult to injury, although I can post direct to my Facebook pages, I CAN’T schedule the posts to go to my personal page. Instead I would need to actually log on in real time to post the information here.

Isn’t it meant to be easier?

I work with technology a lot. I actually also do a lot of reading relating to the use of technology because of my full time job and areas of research. It appears to me that we, the user, are in a middle of a consumer war. It appears to me that the social media platforms no not want to give the ability to post to 3rd party programs mainly because this means we don’t actually have to visit their site and see the adverts – so impacting on their million of pounds/dollars revenue. As the big companies fight for supremacy and those well needed clicks, it would appear that I have to change everything and go back to what was once an efficient workflow system to something which is now quite antiquated!

The future?

I do wonder whether the next to happen will be that I will have to post my updates via snail mail to the social media giants! My plea to for the major companies on the internet, and this includes Youtube and Twitch as they fight over the live streaming platforms, that maybe, just maybe, you should all work nicely together in order to let us, well me really, be able to use a system which is efficient and effective and supports us in attending our dream(s).

Please re-read the first paragraph at this point as I reiterate that I am not familiar with the why these changes have occurred. Anyway, end of rant – if you would like to hear more rants, let me know! #joking

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