Module Memories – Ghost Tower of Inverness

Ghost Tower of Inverness

Do you remember?

What on earth are these posts!? Well, I was clearing out a cupboard which contained a whole load of my AD&D stuff from when I was a teenager! That was not pleasant at all – being a teenager that is, not clearing out the cupboard. Anyway, I found a folder full of old modules and they brought back very fond memories so I thought I would share them with you! Please let me know if you remember any of these modules and whether you played/DM them and what you thought of them. In the second of this series I look at the Ghost Tower of Inverness!

Ghost Tower of Inverness Module Front Cover

What I remember…

This was probably the second module I bought and I remember that I was excited that the level of 5th – 7th level! This was something I had never actually experienced at the time. Essential at this stage of my role-playing games development, we spent our time creating characters, entering a dungeon crawl with very little background information and using the experience points to maybe hit up to third! The other thing about this module that really got me excited was the pre-made characters which were provided. This was initially a Tournament Module and because of this, it came with characters! My favourite was definitely Hodar the magic-user and Li Hon the monk! The memory of this module is very fuzzy! I do remember something about a Duke asking you to pay off debts (?) to clear the tower from the nasty monsters that roamed there. This is probably because I DMed the start of the module many times but never completed it. I did search for some images online and these certainly sparked off some memories! There was the chessboard puzzle than you have to solve and the image of the medusa reminded me of the hooded woman wandering around a maze!

You can still buy the module if you want – its available on the Dungeon Masters Guild page . 

So, do you remember the module? and fond memories of adventuring within it? If you do then please do share in the comments below.

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