Monking and Tanking.

I’m not sure whether ‘monking’ is a word, but I wanted to use it to make the title sound nice! After much thinking…delaying my start of the new expansion by some weeks…I managed to make a decision and my tanking career has begun in earnest!

Clicking buttons like crazy!!
Clicking buttons like crazy!!

As you might have gathered I had played many different roles in the beta of Warlords of Draenor, one being the role of the tank. I even practised tanking some of the dungeons playing my paladin!. It was watching a variety of Twitch channels that I was pulled back to the tanking classes, especially when leveling since this appears to be the easiest way for me. It was when the dungeons started to become available that I had to watch a number of videos before actually queuing and entering the dungeon saying those words which I am sure puts a slight ripple of fear through the dps and healers – “first time here!”

After leveling my paladin to 93rd, I actually returned to my monk, really because the class appears to have more buttons to press – I really like the playing style as well, although I am sure I will return to my paladin in the future. I’ve recently dinged 100th! and reached 600 item level from running Skyreach over and over again – still got a couple of items to get yet, but well on my way to tanking the next tier of dungeons. I find these videos a brilliant in providing the information I need. Anyway – here is a recent attempt to see how things are going – not an expert yet…


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