Monthly Updates

So, at the end of every month, I sit down and engage with the analytics of my channels to see how I am doing and what progression I am making. Every book I read or channel I listen to, refers to the importance of analytics to decide what I am doing which is working and what I should continue or do less of. Being a mathematician I like playing with numbers, but I must admit that sometimes I must ensure that I stay positive,


I look at two metrics on my Twitch channel. The maximum number of viewers I attract within the month and also the average number of viewers. The second one is a metric for the route to partnership so I think that it is important to monitor this and the maximum number of views I think is just a nice way of catching and reflecting on those brilliant moments.

Jan 2018 – Jan 2019

Well, from the graph you can see that January took a bit of a dip after December. This is completely understandable since during December I was doing my ‘Stream every day in December’ challenge. Which I actually completed (including Christmas Day, my Birthday and New Year’s Eve). I must admit that I still look back on this time so so many fond memories, I even watch the highlight clips and get a slight tear in my eye. One think which this has shown me that streaming everyday and consistency actually does have a positive impact on my channel. On a positive note, the general trend is upwards, which is good and more of the same is probably needed. If I can increase the number of times I actually stream then I might achieve a more continuous upward trend. I am currently very tired but I will definitely try to achieve this through February – it is a shorted month, so this should have a positive impact on my graph.


500 subs and I will do a video in my giraffe onesie
1,000 subs I am going to do a dance video!

Well, this is one of my ventures which I have started off after watching the same videos about growth on YouTube. I am also trying to be more active on both Twitter and Instagram – I’m even learning how to use hashtags!

November 2018 – November 2019

In order to reach partnership with YouTube, you need 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time within a certain period of time. I must admit that at this point I have been thinking I have been making great progress towards the second metric until I realised this month that the watch time data which YouTube provides on the analytics page is in minutes. Dividing it by sixty, certainly brought be down with a crash! I’m surprised you didn’t all hear it! I’ve decided to actually monitor three metrics with YouTube, Number of Watch Hours, Number of Subscribers and Number of Views. The scale of the graph is a bit strange but you can see that the red block of subscribers is actually rising slowly. Currently at 207, this is progressing nicely, although I am thinking that I need to do some of new marketing strategy since I think I have everyone from my social media who might be interested in subbing, subbed. Interesting that the number of watch hours is increasing, but the number of views is declining. I’m not sure why this is, apart from maybe that my audience is becoming more selective and the people who want to watch my videos are watching them and I am getting less of the passing trade. I am working hard on using hashtags and YouTube’s SEO, but I feel that I am probably in a very niche market that has a very small community linked to it.

Despite this I have thought that I am going to start and diversify, so look out for some different types of videos in the future.

In Summary

Like I said at the start of the blog post I definitely need to stay positive. I think overall things are going in the right direction, I just need to keep chipping away at those huge numbers. Currently I am trying to upload a new video every Wednesday (my one night off streaming) but I might need to increase this in the future in order to maintain some sort of interest in my channel. As well as this, I am continue to stream more often on my Twitch, so it is definitely worth popping over there and having a watch and – if I am your sort of streamer – then hit that follow button and become a member of the in-crowd – the wonderful community which is so supportive to me and the channels.

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