My Attempt at Being Creative


Since having to go part-time at work, I have increased the content I produce. Part of my plan was to create something I could sell online. Sadly, I am the most uncreative person around.

Not to be put off, I thought I could create some encounters that people could download. 

You can find all the encounters in my digital download shop.

All the encounters are suitable for any system. The document gives you an introduction to the encounter, a narrative to use when the encounter happens, details of the encounter and what could happen next.

Encounters #1 – Guarding the Guildmistress

The leader of the local merchant guild has received death threats. So, the guild hired a party to guard them as they visited their shops within the town. With the leader in full view, this seems like a perfect time for the possible assassins to attack!

The question is, can the party protect the leader and return them safely to the guild hall?

Encounters #3 – Trap Door Spider

As the party passes through a disused trail through a forest, they come across the site of an incident. Before them lies the remnant of a wagon. It is broken and has been there for a considerable amount of time.

Before approaching the party, observe the site closely and see a small glinting object catching the light from within the wreckage. Is that a massive diamond?

Encounters #4 – Attack of the Swarm

The party is in a long, narrow corridor when exploring an underground dungeon or lair. From the darkness ahead, there comes a scuttling sound. A swarm of beetles covering the floor and some walls appear in the torchlight ahead. But as the party started to back up, they heard a similar noise behind them…

Encounter #5 – Atypical Skeletons

Skeletons are typical monsters that DMs will have lurking in graveyards and crypts. However, in this encounter, I provide some ‘alternatives’ to the usual skeletons that will confuse your party, threaten, or even run away!

Thank you for your support

More to come in the future!

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