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🤵🏻My perky collar!🤵🏻


These are items that I have bought and really made use of. There will be a range of items covered but since I mentioned my perky collar in the last blog post I thought we could see that next!

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So let me tell you about one of my favourite buys from Amazon!

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No likes a drooping collar!

So if there is one thing I really detest, it’s a drooping or flat collar. When I used to wear a tie for work, the tie kept my collar upright but since going tieless, my collar has drooped!

Believe me, I have tried everything. No matter how much I ironed it straight and perky, I would put my shirt on and it would droop. So, before I bought a box of stretch to keep it upright, I decided to search Amazon for a solution. And sure enough, Amazon provided …

My perky collar!

Yes, that is actually what it is called. A perky collar!

I must admit when I first bought this I wasn’t sure whether it would be any good or not. I had visions of it falling out as I was teaching or people noticing it and saying, “What is that under your collar!”

💰Paid Link💰 (Amazon)

But I have been wearing it constantly at work and no one has ever noticed. In fact, I’ve actually revealed it several times to demonstrate how I keep my collar so upright!

Now I have to say that the price of £33.05 might appear a little excessive. But it is well made and sturdy and has never let me down yet.

The perky collar in place
Hard to see but it fits under the collar
Showing off my perky collar
Once in, my collar is super perky!

Once my shirt is on I just lift the collar add it and then fold down. And that’s it my collar will be perky for the rest of the day! So if you are looking for something to keep your collar up and smart, then I would really recommend this buy!

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