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After cars last week I thought it was time to return to the next thrilling installment of My Weird Life series of blogs. So far we have had a detailed, if not scary, look at drink, sleep and routines/germs I engaged with these topics in this order because I have been trying to put this next one off for some time mainly because I think it is going to come across as super weird and also probably cause some controversy. If you are currently eating or having a snack then you might want to put off reading/listening to this blog post since there might be some toilet talk involved. Apart from that, I just wanted to establish at the start that I am fit and relatively healthy and enjoy life – so please keep that in your mind before posting a comment…I bet you are intrigued now!

Sometimes, when i am not well, the thing which worries me the most is not the actual symptoms but what is actually causing them. Often, once we know what it causing something we can adapt what we are doing to cope with the symptoms and live our lives. There are also some ‘conditions’ which people do not actually recognise as anything to worry or be concerned about or even consider that people ‘imagine’ them or use them as an excuse. This is of course are their opinions and I recognise that. With that said, let’s get down to the weirdness which is my food habits.

  • Current Condition -For sometime now I have been living with a condition called Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Basically, without going into too much detail, my gut doesn’t cope very well with fibre and certain food stuffs. When consuming too much fibre or certain food, it has the effect of giving me a rather nasty stomach bug…I did warn you to stop eating! I currently take eight tablets a day (two tablets four times within twenty four hours) to help relieve the pain and have what can only be seen as a restrictive diet. This diet has evolved over the years as I have been to doctors and dieticians and have ‘tested’ a variety of food to see what impact they have. If they have a ‘nasty impact’ I try to avoid them, if there is no impact or a tolerant impact, that I add them to my diet. It’s the classic mathematical approach to solving a problem, trial and error. Other things do impact both positive and negative on the condition – plenty of water and regular meals (I know, I know!) are both positive, while stress and anxiety are negative. After watching a recent Facebook post, the next episode in this weird life series is definitely going to be me and anxiety. Anyway, with the background to this blog identified, here are my weird eating habits!

  • Veggie/Vegan – Through the trial and error procedure mentioned above, I appear to be slowly evolving into a veggie/vegan. Originally I became a veggie for a challenge set by a friend. After a month of no meat or fish, I found that it was quite acceptable and, in some cases, cheaper and continued with being a veggie. I also found that I got some nice meals when I used to eat out or order food at conferences etc. Over the years, I have developed a rationale for being a veggie since I had to ensure I was doing it for the right reasons and not just to make eating a challenge. I often go shopping on a Saturday morning and see the aisle of meat all wrapped up and ready to be sold. What really worries me is the amount of meat which is often left at the end of the day – are we actually rearing animals which we then kill but never actually use? Although I’ve never delved into the figures I’m not keen on the mass production of meat even when it would appear that the chickens are allowed to walk around within a barn. One aspect of this argument which I am always considering is the aspect of organic farming or even small holdings. If I had my own animals and knew they had a ‘good life’ could I kill and eat them? Currently, and this is no reflection on being ‘attached’ to the animals since I tend to avoid animals as much as possible (see my germs blog post!), I’m not sure I could actually kill an animal at all. Milk does not produce a positive reaction on my gut, so I have been drinking soya for years now and eating eggs I found have a similar negative reaction. However, if they are cooked within something – like a cake! – then they are fine! – I know it is weird, I did warn you..

  • Regular Meals – With a restrictive diet I have, probably not for the best, got into a routine with my meals which I know is probably making the situation worse. I could list the food that I can eat within this blog post, but that would probably be boring but I thought it would be interesting to see what routine meals I do eat. Breakfast – that’s easy – two slice of white bread (too much fibre in brown), the juice of half a lemon in a glass of water and a gingerbread latte! Lunch – a Warburton ‘thin’ (other thins are available) with cucumber (sometimes supplemented with vegan chocolate and cola (I know, I know!) and then for Tea (Dinner) Salad, bread and cheese – in some combination. On a Sunday I make my own chips – as a treat. I’m currently trying to increase the items within the ‘salad’ component of the meal – I successfully added cress last week! wahoo! I supplement this routine with soya lattes and ‘some’ fruit – bananas are good, apples and pears without the skin are ‘just’ ok – and a fibre supplement (there is something about the difference between soluble and insoluble fibre which I don’t understand but I was given it by the doctor and it works so I am happy). It might appear that this is incredibly restrictive diet which is probably correct, although I’m not actually a great eater in any case and I like the routine of it all. I do have times when I throw caution to the wind and just go for it, and pay for it afterwards. Christmas is one of these times.

  • I’m not really a religious person, but there is one philosophy which I completely agree with and that is that you only live once. One of the reasons that I wasn’t looking forward to writing this blog and even considered not writing it, was because I didn’t want people to treat me any different or to think that I am using anything as an excuse. Like anyone I have good days and bad days with my gut and the bad days can happen despite the restrictive diet and/or tablets. For me, I just try to get up and get on and try to continue normally, although some days I need to ensure that I am not too far away from a toilet and I might appear slightly more withdrawn due to the pain. If I had limited wishes, and all the morale issues of world peace etc had been implemented and I could use them for myself, one of my wishes would definitely be spent on allowing me to eat what I wanted, when I wanted with no pain ‘etc’ (notice my sympathetic use of ‘etc’ there, I’m trying to save you from the full description). I recognise that my ‘issues’ are less severe than many people and for that I am extremely grateful. Although my food habits are very weird, there have occurred not because I have created them, but because of what my body appears to be doing. Yes, and I’ll say it before you do, it could all be in my mind and if it is then I accept that, however when looking at my eating habits, you have to admit I am just … weird.

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    Have fun and I’ll catch you all later and, until then, consider yourself waffled!


    1. As a fellow sufferer of gut issues, I can definitely identify with trying to control what you eat. The egg thing is true for me too! There is a lot that isn’t understood about these conditions; even my consultant says that. So I wouldn’t say you are weird so much as living as best you can with it, and that is a good thing.

    2. I love reading these Ian keep them coming 🙂 I have bad anxiety over weird things too, so many people have to do things there own specific way.
      Hope you are doing well

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