My Weird Life : Summary

Yes, I’m weird

Although I know there is probably nothing which could be classed as normal in the world, but I am still weird. Even when you look at the ‘normal’ characteristics such as OCD I even go against the standard criteria of that! I’ve actually come to accept that I am weird, but meeting me at all, even on my stream or twitter, it’s probably wise to understand how weird I am. It does allow you to understand my actions! You are now intrigued, aren’t you?

Is this cheating?

Well rather than writing a whole new post, which would be lengthy, I thought I would summarise and do a post which just directed you to the previous posts. No, it’s not that I have nothing to blog about this week, quite the opposite. But I just thought if you are new to the site (don’t forget to subscribe to get updates and offers!), then a summary is probably the best way for you to find out my about my abnormalities.

man sleeping

First up – Sleeping!

Recently I have started to try and wake up a couple of hours earlier in order to get more done in my life. I always remember a quote which was told me which said –

“You only get two lives, the one you live and the one you start to live when you realise you only have one.”

and, because of this, instead of dreaming of things, I’m being proactive and doing them. But I do have some very strange sleeping habits – interested? Well Read On…

So what about drinking?

When I am streaming on Twitch, I often wonder whether I could actually make more of an income if I could do the ‘well used’ drink shots for bits! Unfortunately I can’t. Why? Well you will understand why when you look at my drinking habits. If you have the time, then you can read more here…

Two more to go! – Food

Yes as well as drink I have some weirdness about food! I’m not sure if I was a vegan when I wrote the next post, but I have reverted to being a vegetarian now. Mainly because I wasn’t taking in enough protein. I did try some protein shakes at some point in my life, but that’s another story all together! Read more about food…

One more – bear with!

And finally, I thought this was going to be a short post, what about germs? Yes I know what you are thinking, I’m a scientist and my rationale brain should click in but nope, when it comes to routines and germs I am probably the most irrationale person ever! Maybe because of my high anxiety levels! But let’s not get into that here – this post is already very long! Want to know more my germs? then read more here!

That’s it!

Hope you have enjoyed looking back on those posts with me. I think you can truly understand how weird I am now. I did warn you…I’ll probably link to a post based on my anxiety at some point. I’ve come so far with that that I like to celebrate it. If you would like to get an email when I do that then please do subscribe to my updates. It’s quite simple and I don’t spam your inbox! Also check out my online shop if you ever want to contribute to my retirement plans! Thanks for reading and I hope to see you again.

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