Mythras Actual Play: Buying Presents and Setting Off

Adventure Summary

After the recent ‘encounters’ from the last session, some of the party members seek advice from each other before purchasing certain ‘presents’ to ensure that their intentions are clear. They soon realise that commerce skills are more important than what they original thought. Maybe, Gully needs somewhere to stash his treasures and Hasra tries his hand as acting.

And at last the party, saddle up their horses and sent out in order to locate Lucius’ Villa. But the first hamlet they come across is the silent, nervous settlement of Goodwool. There is definitely something not right here…

Find out about the characters here

What the party got up to last session:

Synopsis of the story so far:

Hasra, scout from the steppes

Bartleby and Hengist go a-shopping:

Bartleby and Hengist go a-courting:

Gully meets the Fraternity:

The party arrives at Goodwool:

Hengist alone in the tavern

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