Mythras Actual Play: experience rolls and a new adventure!

Always good to end and start again!

Just a quick editor’s note here – I’m going to try and split up the future actual play sessions, so they will come in 45 minutes ‘chunks’. Hope this makes them easier to watch and easier to view.

You might have seen that I have been doing some ‘Explain the Mythras Game‘ videos on my YouTube channel. Well, as well as creating these we do actually play the game as well. Our sessions are at 19:00 GMT on my Twitch channel if you are ever around then do come and see the game unfold before your very eyes! In this session, the players have returned to Lindowe where they complete their training and picked up a new adventure.

Want to know more?

If you are interested in knowing more about the campaign then you can find all the characters and campaign information on this website – just follow the links below.

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