Mythras Actual Play – In the Tower of the Batrachians

If you were not aware, I have currently trying to do something different with the actual play videos. If you want the details then you can read all about them here.

Adventure Summary

Things have not been going well for the party so far. After creeping into the tower behind the batrachian camp, Hasra had dispatched the chief with a single thrust of this spear and they now find themselves injured and ready to leave the camp.

So in this session, The party dispatch the lone guard quickly and release the prisoners. However not all goes well with the release and Gully finds himself standing alone in front of the whole batrachian camp with the Black Eel-like beast rearing up from the Black Water, preparing to take its next victim.

Player/Characters Introduction:

The story so far

Gully investigates the Marble Egg

The party take out the lone guard (includes the break)

Hasra leads the attempt to free the prisoners

Gully the Sorceror

Gully stands alone against the tribe

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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