Mythras Actual Play: In the Villa of Lucius

The adventure continues

I know that the Mythras Actual Plays are not the most popular videos on my channel, but I like to upload them in order to keep a record of what happens. There might also be a few viewers who are actually following the adventure.

In the Villa…

So the party have eventually managed to get into the villa and now all they need to locate is the clue to the location of the Chaos Mother’s Temple. However, without any prior research, they don’t really know what they are looking for and what about the bandits still in the building? Watch as the party continue to explore and venture into the garden and find out, to their great misfortune, why one of the alcoves is boarded up from the outside

Strange things happening in Goodwool

The party return to Goodwool to find it strangely quiet and well, errie. It doesn’t take long for the party to ascertain what has happened but why is everyone forgetting and what was meant by the content of the note.
Returning to Lindowe the party meet up with their favourite cartographer before meeting up with Fustilius Strump. But why does he keep looking at Hengist like that?

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