Mythras Actual Play: Returning to Lindowe

The game continues

Yes there has been somewhat of a gap in the actual play videos. This is due to us dabbling in D&D 5e for a while. However, we are back with the campaign now and enjoying returning to Lindowe in order to spend those well earned experience rolls and progressing in the characters orders. Within this post there are going to be two actual play videos rather than two separate ones. This brings the players adventure on the other side of the continent to an end. What will happen next? Well there are many questions still be answered – Where is the final part of the trilogy of items needed to meet Cassini – the golden torc? What is the necromancer up to and how does this relate to the chalice, drop of blood and an innocent?

Well in true TV series style, you will have to tune in on Saturday 22nd December to find out!

Part 1

Part 2

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