Mythras Actual Play: Shutting down Sniffer


This is our recent actual play, Shutting Down Sniffer, using the ruleset of Mythras. You can find all the episodes from our previous play on my YouTube channel. Hope you enjoy all the content and do add us comments either under this post or on YouTube if you have any suggestions or possible adventure ideas.

Highlights from the adventure include Bartleby and his ruffians stealing money, Hengist and Bartleby being undercover, Gully probing the mind of the sea captain and the wonder double fumble!

Shutting down Sniffer #1

The party are recovering from a previous attempt on their lives by the head of the Lindowe thieves guild, Sniffer. As they meet up with some of their fellow targets, they formulate a careful plan to try and shut Sniffer down.

Shutting down Sniffer #2

The plan continues to develop and Bartleby visits one of his contacts within the Lindowe Slums in order to recruit some ruffians to do some stealing. With sailors captured, the party plan for the next part of the plan.

Shutting down Sniffer #3

With sailors captured and information retrieved, Bartleby and Hengist go undercover posing as seafaring folk to get the buyer of the goods and Gully tries to navigate through the slums following the images he found in the captain’s mind. (ignore the thumbnail – the number is wrong)

Shutting down Sniffer #4

Finally, the party progress through the sewers encountering a range of interesting ‘items’. Although Bartleby follows the map almost perfectly, Hasra and Hengist have somethings still to learn about boating. Eventually, they arrive and things do not go completely to plan at the handover.

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