Mythras Campaign Setting – Mystics

History of Mystics Organisation of Orders
The Order of the Tranquil Wind The Order of the Silent Death

History of Mystics

The Mystics were thought to have gone from Odes. When the unlikely or the improbably was mentioned in any context, common folk would use the phrase – “and I have just seen a mystic” as an apt and humorous reply.

Before the first inter-continent war, the mystics were a dominant power within the world. Their powers of perfection allowed them to permeate almost every walk of life from the healers to the merchants. Most orders, whether they would be theists or sorcerers employed a member of the Order of True Reflection in support both their benefit their practices. From combat to healing, the mystics would add their own unique prowess to the activities of the guilds in order to allow them to also seek and perhaps achieve perfection. But it soon became aware that they were straying from their own personal goals. Meditation practices were lost and the mystics became more and more involved in the promotion of power within the orders in which their served rather than perfection of themselves. Their power slowly started to fail as their connection to the source of their power which flows throughout the fabric of the world, was lost. As their power failed, as did their purpose to everyone else and the need for mystics left the orders. Mystics were, across the continent, cast to one side or, if their skill were ‘naturally’ proficient, absorbed as ‘normal’ retainers. Their connection to the fabric of the world faded and then was lost. The Order of True Reflection disbanded and eventually became no more.

But, it has become apparent that the Order did not completely disband or leave the continent of Odes. Even as the order failed and faltered, the more devout members fled and went into the far reaches of the world living as lonely hermits or travellers. Their hide their power and has they did, the suspicion of their power grow. Rather than being a substantial respected force in the world, they became feared and shunned. They rarely engage with human contact, avoiding the main cities of the world or using their unique power in public. But the last mystics are pure and determined to reestablish their order in some manner.

Members of the new order, seek each other out and are starting to form a new, purer order – the Order of the Tranquil Wind – now just a gentle breeze, but soon to become a significant gale.

However, not all the mystics are working towards this perfection. Some have found that through mediation they have been able to channel their internal power to less admirable tasks and activities. It is rumoured that within Odes their is an opposing Order forming – up to know it is just known as the Order of Silent Death – whether this is true, it is not known.


Organistion of Mystic Orders

Unlike the multiple gods and goddesses of the order of theists or even the more restricted orders of sorcerers, they usually exists only only one order of mystics within the world. Anyone is able to join the order and spends the lower ranks meditating while they seek their true calling. Then they are assigned to one of the suborders within the main one. These are commonly relate to Knowledge, Healing, Protection. It is rumoured that while the Order of Silent Death mirror these, they also specialise in deception and assassination. There is not known about this silent order so the information here is as yet, incomplete.


Order of the Tranquil Wind


  • To meditate three times a day
  • To remain pure to the perfection of self.
  • Protection of the weak and those indeed for support
  • Never to be the aggressor
  • To seek out fellow mystics
  • To seek knowledge of the opposing order
  • Loyalty to the organisation
  • A promise to abide by its rules
  • A promise to uphold it values
  • A promise to protect its ideals
  • A promise to act in the group’s best interests – putting them before personal ones
  • A promise to keep the cult or brotherhood’s secrets safe
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