There exists four main orders of sorcerers within Odes. The Order of the Dragon, Kraken, Phoenix and Lich. All members of the orders are required to make is apparent as to which order they belong. The requires all sorcerers to wear something to in the same colour as their order. This has to be displayed in public but can be as small as a neck tie, to as apparent as an whole outfit. As sorcerors gain levels within their order they tend to make it more and more apparent of their choice. Sorcerers of the highest level usually are completely adored with their chosen colour. When gaining apprentice level members are presented with a small brooch which depicts the associated animal, for example for the Dragon Order it is a white dragon. This needs to be kept with the sorcerer at all times, although it does not need to be on constant display. Although people who can control and call upon the simple magic, in the form of cantrips and/or prayers, anyone who is seen to be able to control the spells of sorcery are actively ‘encouraged’ to join an order. Even if people can cast cantrips (Folk Magic) they are ‘introduced’ to an order to assess their ability and tendencies at the rank of Novice. through this time, it is known for novices to change order as their prowess is identified or is developed.

The Council of the Orders

This is a council where decisions are made about how the sorcerers will interact with the world. They meet once every quarter in a place which is only known to the lead members of the each order. Each order is allowed to send two other representatives in addition to the leader of their order. Every three years a ‘leader’ is elected and it is their responsibility to have the deciding vote in the council and to communicate with the other factions of the world. Currently this is held by Gwyneth the Wise, the leader of the Dragon Order of sorcerers.

Order of the Kraken (blue)

The sorcerers of the blue order are masters of communication, transportation and teleportation.They are an essential component to every order and temple and are frequently hired as transporter within Order Buildings or Temples. They have the most amount of information than all the orders, gathering and sharing everything within the main building of the order.
Their Order buildings within towns and cities are small and somewhat nondescript. Each has a basement where the portal is hidden and erected to transport followers to the one and only Blue Kraken Order’s Main Building. It is not actually known where this is – some say underground or even underwater, some even say it is not of this world. Only apprentices learn the portal spell to take them to the main order’s building. The leader of the order in Lindowe is a sorcerer called Maddius. He lives in the small building on the second floor with the first floor being a reception area, library and small communal bedroom. As well as communicating the Kraken Order also invests in the exploration of alchemy. They are known to experiment in the potions and salves, mixed via secret and closely kept recipes. These are often used to trade knowledge and ideas with the Dragon Order.

Within Lindowe, The Order of the Kraken, actually owns the messenger guild as well. These are a group of individuals dressed in blue tunics who run around the town delivering messages for a reasonable price – 1sp.

Order of the Phoenix (red)

If there was every an order of sorcerers who could be identified as battle mages then it would be the sorcerers of the Order of the Phoenix. These sorcerers use their power to deal damage and to advise others of tactics and strategies. They were known to fight along the leaders and soldiers within the last inter-continental war and are summoned in time of war or invasion. Sorcerers of this order tend to be fiery as their order’s name would suggest. You rarely find a Phoenix Sorcerer who is not quick to anger or to prove themselves with duels or combat. They tend to have their buildings alongside the city barracks and are reknown for their celebrations and … well.. parties. Despite their fiery temperament their are loyal fellows and will stand fast in most situations.

There is currently a rumour circulating Odes, that the Phoenix Order has made a tenuous alliance with the Order of the Lich in order to ensure more domination in the Council of Sorcerers. This is currently allowing them to move many of the decisions towards a more ‘physical’ solution. It is not known whether the order actually undertands that they are being manipulation by the Lich Order or whether the Phoenixes have their own agenda which they are following.

Order of the Dragon (white)

Currently the leading order within the Council of Sorcerers, the Dragon Order first priority in the world is to heal and protect. Just as the Phoenix Order was present in battle on the front line, the Dragon Order was there also, healing and protecting the soldiers with their magic. But as battle faded, the Dragon Order continued their work within the towns and cities of Odes. Their order buildings take on the form of sanctuaries for the weak, ill and infirm. They have an open door policy, protecting anyone who is in need. The Dragon Order often deal with the Kraken Order for the exchange of potions and salves. These are rumoured to be able to heal more ‘common’ problems like colds, warts and even indigestion, allowing the sorcerers of the order to save their magic for more ‘important’ issues.

The Dragon Order was once the only order of sorcerers on Odes and, as such, claim the title of the founding order. Due to this, they do have the habit to be rather pompous over the other orders, especially the Kraken Order which is the newest order to the council. Despite their dedication to helping and healing, their buildings tend to be somewhat grander on the upper levels, with a lot of the order’s money being invested in ‘artefacts’.

The leader of the order, Gwyneth the Wise, is currently the leader of the council of sorcerers and is in her second year of service.

Order of the Lich (black)

Despite its name, the Lich Order is not some dark necromantic order which wish to take over the world with undead and disease. It probably has the same aims and objectives of the other orders, although where the order differs is how they plan to achieve these. The order specialises in deceit, damage and undead. It often disagrees with the nicely, nicely approach which the other orders use with their interaction with the mundane humans. The order believes that they are the best and that they should rule not only the Council of Sorcerers but also probably the whole of Odes. Just as the Dragon Order assumes a position of higher authority above the other orders, members of the Order of Lich assume authority over the whole of Odes and the world.

Their buildings are often underground within towns and cities and are definitely hidden and kept a secret from all, save their members. It is well known that you don’t find the Order of the Lich, they find you. They are most definitely in alliance with the more unsavoury group of people within towns and cities. If their is a thieves guild or group of bandits then they are more than likely to have a Lich Sorcerer somewhere in their ranks.

Currently they are rumoured to have formed an ‘uneasy’ alliance with the Phoenix Order of sorcerers, although the purpose of this is not really known. The next priority the Order of Lich has is to become leader of the Council of Sorcerers. Until this happens then they are more happy to sit and wait – almost like a cunning poisonous cobra, slowly moving, staring and awaiting for its perfect opportunity to strike.

Spells According to Orders