• Dark Moon: Marroth – Hides in the darkness of the night sky frowning on the existence of humans and wondering when they will cease their evil ways. He provides his theists with the power of combat, willing to protect his sister Amriel. Worshipping on a new moon fills the devotion pool, otherwise one point is gained per night. (Twin moon Theist can only gained one per night) (Combat Style, Evade, Endurance, Devotion, Exhort, Folk Magic)
  • White Moon: Amriel – Amriel shines down as an oracle on her theists. She is silent as she travels across the night skies, providing signs of the future, warning or providing visions to them of what is to come. She provides healing for her theists, buffing them with holy energy and allowing for the sharing of holy power to all. Her theists gain devotion by worshipping the moon when it is present – only when worshiping during a full moon will completely fill their devotion pool, otherwise she will bless them with a single point. (First Aid, Endurance, Devotion, Exhort, Healing, Folk Magic)
  • Sun: Solaris – Beaming from the sky, Solaris shines down on both her followers and the people of Odes. She provides heat and warmth and encourages plants to grow. Usually she is but a bystander allowing the world to pass her by, unaware of the goings on. She does, however, have a vengeful side and has been known, when angered, to starve the world of water and burn the very land that people live on. Theists of Solaris are patient and tend not to get involved but are willing to support and aid the people of Odes, just as their patron aids the world with warmth and energy. Solaris knows that Hydris is needed although she believes that she is in a greater position of power. (Influence, Insight,Devotion, Exhort, Oratory, Folk Magic)
  • Water: Hydris – Hydris is a god of great strength. He moves around Odes, flowing as a small stream or a large river. He stretches out on the calm waters of lakes and oceans and yet has the power to smash coastal town or flood farmland and hamlets. Although he provides water for Odes, he is also willing to retract this pleasure if needed. Stories of long droughts exist when Hydris discovered that his scared rivers and lakes were being polluted and dammed. He distrusts the humans on Odes and remains yet to be convinced of their trust with the wonder which is water. He knows that he is less powerful than Solaris but often goes against her decisions, knowing that without water her followers would die quickly. (Boating, swim, Devotion, Exhort, Craft (Fishing) or Seamanship, Folk Magic)
  • Earth: Grianius – Stubborn and ancient, Grianius is steadfast in his purpose and beliefs about the world. He knows he will continue long after the other gods and goddess, being what the Odes itself is created from. He has recently started to make an uneasy pact with the Crafter god Wyn, after he shown Grianius the wonders which can be made by human hands. Although Grianius is still suspicious, mainly due to the unpredictability of the other god which Wyn is trying to encourage – the Fire God Incendis. (Brawn, Locale, Devotion, Exhort, Engineering or Lore (Mining or smithing, Folk Magic)
  • Air: Aeros (Athletics, Evade, Devotion, Exhort, Survival, Folk Magic)
  • Fire: Incendis – Incendis is unpredictable, fearless, powerful and hot. He sides with noone and only forms pacts when he can see a benefit for himself. He is quick to anger and can be vengeful to the extreme. He once had a powerful pact with Grianius, however in a huge battle they fell out and laid waste the the land. Now they tolerate each other and, although wyn seeks to reform a friendship, time is on Grianius’ side. When Grianius and Incendis fall out, then volcanoes ensue! (Endurance, Locale, Devotion, Exhort, Survival, Folk Magic)
  • Feral : Tabbris – Tabbris is a loyal god who supports his followers. He is rumoured to walk the land as a white stag or blue falcon. He frowns on the ill treatment of animals, save the savage and vile. He is vengeful to those who seek to cause harm to innocent animals. Theists of the Tabbris, don themselves with furs and skins of animals, living in the wild shunning cities and people. His mystics, the Way of Tabbris are able to summon the power of the beasts to enhance their bodies to protect animals and their Theists. Mystics have the priority to protect animals Tabbris’ theists at all cost. (Atheltics, Stealth, Devotions, Exhort, Track, Folk Magic)
  • Arobreal: Lugonia ??
  • War : Crowdus (Combat Style, Evade, Endurance, Devotion, Exhort, Folk Magic)
  • Crafter: Wyn – Worshipped by all crafters, Wyn is the god which smiths and carpenters look to to complete that final perfection within their work. Wyn has an eye for attention to detail and often spends hours within his workshop crafting and perfecting. He has the patience of Grianius and the skill of all his followers combined. (Brawn, Endurance, Craft (any), Devotion, Exhort, Folk Magic)
  • Death: Cuthas the Corrupted (Influence, Willpower, combat Style, Devotion, Exhort, Folk Magic)
  • Knowledge:Gorwin (Customs, Perception, Devotion, Exhort, Lore, Folk Magic)
  • Trading: Syndra (Customs, Insight, Commerce, Devotion,Exhort, Folk Magic). As the human gods started to become more established they realised that there was a lot of monetary value caught up in the commerce of the continent. Syndra, immediately took advantage of this, promising beneficial trade agreements for the truly dedicated. Theists of Syndra are often employed when trade agreements are signed and many merchants wear the sign of Syndra (two hands locked in a firm handshake) in amulet form when buying and selling goods. What Syndra looks like is somewhat up for discussion. Many, if the range of statues and imagery is to be believed, consider her to be a beautiful, slim seductive female although others picture her differently. If the theists of Syndra were made in her own image then she looks quite different. Most of her Theists are male, the majority of them are over weight and living in the finery which positive trade agreements provide. However, almost everyone will pay the theists to provide the blessing when buying and selling. Fore Ia deal struck without Syndra’s blessing is definitely one which is doomed to fail.
  • Trickster: Tylath (Conceal, Deceit, Devotion, Disguise, Exhort, Folk Magic)

Deities and their Miracles