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Odes is a huge continent which exists slightly north of the equator in the campaign world. It has a range of terrain, from mountains to deserts and presents a range of areas for characters to explore. The main coastal town, where the campaign starts and where the majority of training and living happens, is Lindowe. The town is separated into several areas, The Slums, The Docks, The Merchant Area, Nobility Hill and The Castle. Lindowe is essentially a trading post where goods from other continents and across land arrive to be bartered for and exchanged. Many people arrive here from the out lying islands and continents which are yet to be fully explored across the water.

  • The Slums -To the south east of the town is the slum area. This is all which is left of the place where the devastating flesh eating bug plague started.
    The flesh eating plague was started when a corrupt and illegal cotton shipment was brought into the slums via the McDuff merchant company. After decades of investigation, some of the slum dwellers was able to find this out and actually hired a group of assassins to take out the Noble McDuff in a hit on the street of Lindowe. Unfortunately, it became quite public due to the lack of finances to pay for the besy.
    This area remains not a pleasant area with very few people actually venturing into the narrow alleyways and dilapidated buildings without very good cause or after being offered a larger amount of silver pieces. The Slums are run by a series of rival gangs which are always contesting each other for power at the risk of destroying each other and the actual place where they live. Many people are too poor to actually live in the main area of Lindowe and has to suffer and survive in the poor living conditions of the Slums. Tempted by the gangs the need for food or just the need to survive, most dwellers end up being corrupted in some way.
  • The Merchant Area – This is a thriving area within the centre of town, with guilds always striving to be at the top of fantasy stock market. In this area you can buy anything from weapons to the best silk imported from far off lands, from spices to hats. Everything comes at a price however, and the trade exists on the bartering power of the individual. The area is very deserted and quiet through the hours of darkness, with the merchants retiring to their abodes above their shops or, for the more profitable ones, their accommodation on Nobility Hill. Throughout the daylight hours, the place is a hive of activity and a filled with smells and the haggling voices of both buyers and sellers. They say that you can actually find anything for sale within the Merchant Area of Lindowe, although beware, without the suitable skill you could end up paying a lot more than what you expected. The area is constantly patrolled by the town guard, so can be called on to resolve disputes over haggled merchandise or to shoo the beggars back into The Slums. Although there are many small taverns and shops within the town, the main tavern is The Hairy Hobgoblin, run by the tall story telling Basil Earless. Places of note within the Merchant Area is Sylvester McHoon’s Scribe Shop.
  • Nobility Hill
  • The Dock Area – This is one of the busiest places in Lindowe second only to the Merchant Area. This is where all the trade goods come in and out of the town via a variety of ships and boats. The area is always alive with smells and sounds as the cargo is unloaded and taken to the appropriate merchant guild or even haggled over before it is brought to shore. The entrances to the the main town in this area are ‘guarded’ by members of the city guard. Guarded is probably a very lose word, since the are told just to note down names and reasons for entering the town. These records are rarely kept beyond the week and there is never any proof asked for.
  • The Castle