Mythras – Expedition to Ubbin Falls – Episode 8 – Zombies and Guardian Ben

I have started to use Realm Works to plan and organise my campaigns. If you are not familiar with Realm Works, then it is well worth a look – I’m busy writing a waffle to describe how I use it so keep an eye open for that! As part of the after session admin work, I create an adventure summary for future reference and, in order to reduce my workload somewhat, I’m going to start to use this summary within these posts – hope you don’t mind.

  • The party dealt with the two headed dog, killing it quickly despite it attacking with two heads simultaneously, spewing fire and almost being immune to wounds
  • Gulliver discovered that the dog was a guardian for the portal (more investment in knowledge skills needed!) and the party continued to explore.
  • After finding a dead body further down another corridor, they decided to rest and recover their fatigue before exploring behind a door.
  • This lead to a study where the party discovered a range of books and scrolls as if someone had been doing some research – after rolling literacy rolls Bartleby discovered the topics were Otis the Guardian, The Oasis of Sanctuary, Cassini and something known as Hessaret’s Treasure. There were also the words, dragon, necromancer, death, soul, living, terminate and location.
  • Sharing this with the party, Hengist mentioned that he was carrying the Fungal Seed.
  • Ben immediately became interested and claimed that he was suppose to be the guardian of the seed. His memory started to drift back in small glimpses. The Fungal Seed was presented to him and he managed to both control it and take ownership of it.
  • The party progressed round to the dead body and, as Hengist rolled it over which caused both Gulliver and Bartleby to puke up the contents of their stomachs, they disovered that this was indeed to the Order of the Kraken sorcerer tasked to guard this end of the portal.
  • The went into the portal room and, after dispatching of some more zombies, they found a range of items linked to commerce before they removed items from the portal which appeared to have been placed there on purpose.
  • Gulliver contacted his order via his blue gem and the portal opened and the party was transported back to Lindowe. Gulliver went last and grabbed the expensive vase as he left.
  • Back in Lindowe, some of the party recovered from the travelling through the portal.
  • As Hengist and Ben left the building, Ben thanked Hengist for his help and then, as he walked off, he turned round and said that ‘WE’ will look after the seed – and he was absorbed by the crowd.
  • The party spent their experience rolls and the session ended.
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