Mythras: Hessaret’s Treasure Episode 8 – Flying Reptiles, Giant bats and Lethal pit traps.

Welcome to this week’s actual play of the game Mythras. With the party safely out of the swamp, they make their way across a desert plain towards the Nameless Mountain. After discovering some chilling objects within a lake, they make their way up a narrow track around the mountain. Here they lose a party member to a flying reptile and make a gruesome discovery. Tempers are rising as they move further up the mountain to their common goal – the great barbarian’s treasure. But there are still some obstacles in their way – a lethal pit trap and a chamber full of giant bats. How many survive to see the entrance to the final chamber where the treasure is bound to lie.

Mythras CRB

Mythras is a fantasy RPG similar to the popular D&D 5e. It is a skill based system using a d100 to determine when skills are successful. With no classes, anyone can cast spells once their are learnt, usually through joining an Order or Guild. Combat includes special combat maneuvers, hit locations and lethal damage – yes it is possible to cut someone’s arm off in combat – so it always best to be avoid. The Odes Campaign is based on role playing and character/story development.

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