Mythras: In Search of the Chaos Mother’s Temple.


Okay, first up, an apology. With the podcast starting, live Twitch streams and creating adventures, I have left the uploads of the actual play videos slip. Initially I thought that I was going to leave these, but a recent comment on a YouTube video made me think that there might be one of two people actually watching them. Therefore I went back through the live Twitch streams and exported them to Youtube.

Something you need to know…

I have to admit, that I haven’t edited any of the videos or added a huge amount of description to them I have titled them and added them to Adventure 14 playlist and made them all public.

If you are playing any of the Book of Quests then please be aware that these adventures use this as a basis for the storyline. Players close your eyes and GMs, please be aware that I add things and sometimes change names etc.

Anyway, without further ado – here are the adventures so far – the battle with the Zugtok is truly epic! An hour and a half of hitting, parrying and clever spell casting.


I promise that I will try and keep things up to date as we continue, so do subscribe to the YouTube channel and press the bell so you get a notifcation when the next video gets uploaded.

If you enjoy Mythras, then please remember that I do a month podcast called Mythras Matters which always includes a segment by Lawrence Whitaker, one of the co-creators of Mythras.

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