Mythras – Trapped in the Prison of the Vipers

The characters are severely fatigued and imprisoned in cells. They are bound and gagged in some cases and after seeing the sacrifice of Gulliver’s fellow Blue Sorcerer, their end appears to be decided and getting ever closer. After trying to chew, cut and wiggle their way out of their bounds, hope is being lost. Only Bartleby maintains his faith in the goddess Amriel – but is this misplaced? Has she deserted him in his time of need? And will Hengist be able to rescue his sister from the evil clutches of the bandit leader?

Mythras CRB

Mythras is a fantasy RPG similar to the popular D&D 5e. It is a skill based system using a d100 to determine when skills are successful. With no classes, anyone can cast spells once their are learnt, usually through joining an Order or Guild. Combat includes special combat maneuvers, hit locations and lethal damage – yes it is possible to cut someone’s arm off in combat – so it always best to be avoid. The Odes Campaign is based on role playing and character/story development.

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