Nearly in tears!

Levelling is a bit like writing an assignment or completing a wealth of marking. You just have to pace yourself, maintain your focus and actual do it. But of course, even like the the marking, it will eventually come to an end…

Before you all get excited – I haven’t reached 60th yet. What I did manage to do is finish my class story line last night while streaming. I had a bit of a slow stage when I couldn’t kill 5 droids, but the guild stepped in and took me through buying some new gear which was probably just as well, since I was actually wearing shadow assassin armour in some of my slots! With this sorted, the droids were soon scrap metal and I was hurtling towards the end. I did die once in the last battle,

Hidden content – someone told me about the instant death he did by bringing the cavern down – I needed to interrupt this…you might see me at one point frantically pressing all the buttons trying to remember which icon was interrupt!
but after that I brought him back to the light and finished the quest.

Now I am currently comleting what I think are called the Markem quests until 55th and then the Shadow of Raven until 60th. Still some way to go but after a hard week of marking at work, I think I deserve some down time to enjoy some gaming and streaming!

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