Nearly there…

So I am still leveling my druid – currently about 79% into 88th – maybe actually get to 90th in a couple of weeks. Everyone is deciding what to play in the new expansion as well as talking about how the ‘balance’ will impact on the classes. I must admit I actually thought they were talking about a balanced druid for some time!. One of the reasons I enjoy playing certain classes is the procs that appear on the screen via Blizzard. I was playing my elemental shaman on the beta was pleased to see a new proc.

Two proc effects
Two proc effects

The one on the left I was always familiar with, being the lava burst proc – generally being “FREE- CAST ME NOW!”. The one on the right I think is the echo of the element proc which is new. I’m sure I’ve never seen this before. I do like the look of that one – its a very good graphic!

Still trying to think what class to play, so no further forward with that. I saw a Monk Podcast advertised on twitter so I thought I might have a listen – if I can find a good regular source of information then I would be more likely to play the class -I need all the help I can get!

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