Need a USB hub?


If you are like me you probably never have enough!

How quickly do you fill him your USB ports on your computer? Mine are usually full as soon as I look at them. I probably have enough for my mouse, keyboard and webcam, but then things start to get difficult. Do I plug my stream deck in or my second webcam!

Before long it becomes obvious that I need a USB hub.

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My favourite

I’ve actually had a range of USB hubs but I have finally settled on one that I really like

The first aspect of this hub that I liked was the fact that all the additional USB ports are on the same side. I have seen some that the ports are all over the place, sides, tops and maybe even the bottom as well! (Well maybe not the bottom!). This allows the hub to rest completely on my desk.

The hub is powered which I think is a requirement for all hubs but the added value of this hub are the individual switches and lights


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Next to all of the additional ports, there is a simple push on and off button and a fancy blue light. This allows you to turn on and off individual ports. I find this so useful. Rather than having everything on all the time, I can actually press individual buttons and have only the ports that I need to be active.


I have to admit that I would definitely buy one of these again. Maybe to fit in my MacBook travelling bag so I have more USB ports are my disposal when needed.

If you do want to buy one then please consider using my affiliate link so you can purchase it from Amazon.

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