Need help to colonise!

Are you brave? Are you fearless? Are you ready for a challenge? Why? Well, there is a new land which needs to be colonised. I’m searching for settlers who are brave enough to venture into the land, create food, construct buildings and generally become part of the community.

Enter the world at

The new survival server is up and running and there is plenty of space for the budding colonists to set a new base to explore the world from. Currently I have set up my own hidey hole and established a small farm of wheat down by the water edge. However, as I roam around I feel like Will Smith in ‘I am Legend’ – alone and wondering through a land which seems bare and uninhabited. I’m somewhat an uncreative person and, despite watching numerous videos, my buildings are still box like and simple. I need some creative builders or people who are keen to learn and develop – don’t worry if you have never played Minecraft before, you will always be better than me. There is no time commitment, you just need to log on and start to live and flourish within the realm. So, what are you waiting for…using those infamous words which lead to adventure and fortune – Shall ye enter?

Enter the Mineraft World of Wilson Waffling

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