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Never Imagined This…
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I often feel that I am a bit of a fraud.

I was completely surprised and pleased to see that D&D and other Role Playing Games were being played on Twitch. I had always enjoyed not only the playing of these games but also the the creative side of them. I accepted a long time ago that I will never be an author or film maker and, needing an outlet for my limited creativity, I really enjoy engaging with the creation of worlds, campaigns, adventures and encounters.

But when I came back to role playing on Twitch, I never imagined what would happen …

Where it started …

Back in August 2017 I made a decision.

I had offered to DM a new D&D 5e campaign for a group of people who wanted to start to experience the game. The last time I had played an RPG was when Advanced D&D first edition was the main set of rules. The game had changed a lot and I even wrote a series of blog posts to share these changes, all which I perceived were for the good!

I really felt that the new edition was not for me. The reason for this was, and I don’t mind sharing this, was that the players knew more about the rules than myself. This made it very difficult for me to put my own ‘slant’ on the rules and so I started to look for something else. And this is when I found Mythras!

Sharing everything!

I really enjoyed the rules of Mythras. I am a GM who prefers the narrative rather than the rules monger or a player who wants to make the most powerful character ever!

As we started to play, I shared the content. Not only the live streaming sessions, but I also YouTube videos about the rules in order to share the excellent ruleset.

It was through the sharing, and copying in The Design Mechanism – the company behind Mythras – into tweets that I made a connection with one of the game’s designers – Lawrence Whitaker (Loz on the forums)

And things started to change!

More content available

As I continued to create content in the form of live stream sessions and rules videos, I offered to produce a monthly podcast based on the Mythras ruleset. It was agreed and I went from just playing a new RPG to creating rules videos and the podcast Mythras Matters.

I was interviewing the contributors to the game and the lead team for the podcast and was getting more and more into the game.

However, it was about now that I realised that I was a bit of a fraud (see start of the blog post). I was suddenly aware of the fantastic and expansive community that was already well established and there I was suddenly appearing, providing content across the internet. I hate to think what people were thinking.

But it did not stop at the production and sharing of content!

But there was more to come!

Along with my group, I was then given the privilege to play test rules and modules. 

We suddenly started to find our names within the new rules and modules. We had become play testers and links to my content were appearing on the inside covers of material for the game.


And then, this weekend, something fantastic happen which I was truly gob-smacked about!

GenCon 2020

GenCon is a conference focusing on tabletop gaming, role-playing etc. I’ve never actually been to a conference related to my creative content but I recieved an email asking me to join the Zoom meeting for The Design Mechanism.

I was truly shocked and excited! Not only was I going to GenCon, but I was also going to be on a panel! It required me to stay up to midnight, due to the time differences, but I made it and enjoyed it immensely.

Good luck! – Kelsey

— Gen Con (@Gen_Con) August 1, 2020

I was in a Zoom call with The Design Mechanism ‘team’ and, and this really shocked me, was introduced as a member of the team! I’m sure I just blurted something incomprehensible when I was asked to say something!

There were so many people within the call, asking questions and sharing their expertise. I must say I did feel even more of a fraud since the depth and expanse of their knowledge was HUUUUGEE! But I was there smiling and feeling that I had achieved something.


Looking back to that first Mythras game we played back in 2017, I am proud and pleased with my achievements. These were never something which I planned or plotted to achieve, they just came naturally as I become more and more involved with the RPG ruleset.

I do still feel like a fraud, mainly since there are so many people within the community who are more knowledgeable than myself and have created and contributed a lot more than me and I do apologise to anyone who feels this – I really am a nice person.

I like to set myself targets. I like to work towards achieving goals but if this experience had taught me anything it is probably just to continue to do what we enjoy. Yes, it might open doors or it might not. But, no matter what, we will still have the most important part of doing what you are doing….








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