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Started with an email

You might have noticed that I am a dedicated user of StreamElements but I do still receive emails from the other Twitch Alerts companies which I have used in the past – well no-one is perfect! One of the reasons I don’t just unsubscribe from these is that sometimes they content some interesting and informative blog posts. One of these came to my inbox the other day talking about how to improve your sales of merchandise.I have always wanted to learn how to draw and/or becoming a designer but despite people saying that anything is possible, which includes @IAmHidama providing me encouragement, I have yet to master the skills and knowledge associated with design and drawing. But this has not stopped me – I made the effort and created some designs which have gone on sale in my online shop!

Changing Brand

If you have been a follower of my stream for some time, you might be aware that I had a thing about ‘Waffles’. My professional site is called WilsonWaffling, as is my radio station. So, when I moved onto Twitch and started to stream, I just adopted the name. However, when it came to drawing waffles, I only bet with disaster. As well as this, due to my channel name was ‘inwils’ people were asking about what is thing about waffles? So I decided to make a brand change. I ran the video for some time, but decided that I should stick with something which I can adapt and change and so the purple ‘i’ came into existence.

All about the ‘i’

Since making this change, I have changed and invested serious time into this new brand – although it might not actually be apparent. I have come up with the idea of creating different ‘i’s for different games/holidays/situations, for example a halloween ‘i’, cool ‘i’, D&D ‘i’ etc. Although many of these are yet to be created, the ideas do keep coming. Indeed, I would love people to be a pokemon collector and eventually get them all! When they are all available, there will definitely be a poster with them all on for sale!

So what’s new?

So here are some of the ‘i’s which are currently available!
This is the basic ‘i’. It comes in two forms, the ‘badge-i’ which has the ring round it and a slight drop shadow, and just the ‘first-i’ which is just the ‘i’ by itself.

I’ve also managed to create the ‘cool-i’ which fashions a cool baseball cap and even has arms! Well I think it looks cool.

And, especially for Halloween and only available through the month of October, is the ‘Halloween-i’. The stylish base of the ‘i’ supporting a cartoon like pumpkin! Took me several hours to create this, watching numerous videos from Youtube about how to draw a pumpkin, and several attempts to get it looking right on the image – only yo find out that I had got the dimensions incorrect and had to start all over again!

Branching out

It was while I was working on my online shop that I suddenly had the thought about doing some text based designs as well – my first one as ‘i’nspired. I am hopefully going to add to this collection as I think of more words which start with ‘i’ or even ‘in’ – following the letter pattern of ‘in-wils’.

But I don’t wear T-shirts

Yes, I realise that many people will probably not want to walk around with my ‘i’ brazoned over their chests on a T-shirt, especially if they are out in public! But I have thought about this as well, since you can buy a range of merchandise with the designs on, including hats, mugs and even tote bags and mouse mats – so really, there is no excuse!

What’s next?

Well, I guess what I have to do now is encourage people to buy them! I have bought some myself and I am attempting to wear them on stream so do keep an eye open for them! Also, the company I have my online shop with (Spreadshirt) have provided some nice model photos which they allow us to imprint with our design, so there is ‘real-life’ people wearing or displaying the items – how professional is that!

The ‘pumpkin-i’ is only available to the end of October, so get it while you can! Maybe buy a halloween mug or mouse mat? Or a T-shirt to go trick and treating in. Hope you like my new designs. I’m not a professional, but I really like to do everything myself. If you have any ideas for another ‘i’ or an ‘i/in’ word then let me know in the comments below and, if you do buy anything, please tweet it to the world! and copy me in @inwils would love to see you wearing/holding my merchandise!

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