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There are some games which I like due to the flexibility of the rules (Mythras) and there are some games which I feel in love with instantly as soon as I bought them, not necessarily because of the rules, but mainly because of the context. Shadowrun, was one of the latter games and this week we were treated to the announcement of a new edition! Well – this is what I think..

New rules, same setting

...there are three types of people when it comes to change, those who try and ignore it, those who complain about it and those who embrace it as a time for challenge, innovation and possibilities.

People do not like change, well some people don’t. I once read that there are three types of people when it comes to change, those who try and ignore it, those who complain about it and those who embrace it as a time for challenge, innovation and possibilities. I tend to fall into the final category and I am looking forward to the 6th edition rules. There is and never will be a ‘perfect’ rule system and one of the fun parts about new rules is that you can always ignore them and become a die had player of the edition which you prefer.

For me, I recognise that any rule set will have been play tested fully so the rules will be workable and will meet the initial criteria which was set when deciding the rules should change. And, despite the changes, the actual setting, the world of Shadowrun, will essential remain unchanged. And that for me, is the most important part.

What do I think of the new rules?

One thing which I learnt a long time ago, is that I am not at the fore front of Shadowrun and the rules. I came to the game late and struggled through 5th edition trying to piece together rules and concepts as I progressed. I have listened to the Arcology Podcast and I am currently watching the 6th Edition play through on the Shadowcasters Network on Twitch. There seems to be new rules relating to edge, limits and forces have gone, and I remember a new piece of equipment, the cyberjack (?). I don’t have exclusive access to the rules, so I can’t comment on them, but I must say that listening to people talk about the changes I have found the new rules simpler and less daunting.

Me as DM in our Shadowrun Game with me DMing
From our previous gaming sessions

One comment which I really liked on the Arcology Podcast was the point which was made that the new rules can be ‘used’ by the rule merchants – for example aiming at a lamp post to get edge before combat’ but that they thought that RPGing had moved away from this and I would definitely agree.

I started to play D&D when I was 14. It was always a competition of rules and encounter and the ability to destroy the whole party with a click of the fingers. I am currently recording for YouTube videos about being a better player and one of the upcoming issues encourages players to play the game rather than the rules. There are always loop holes within the rules which players can, if they desire, exploit. But I think that the majority of people are over this stage and prefer to take the hits willingly, to enjoy the game.

What about riggers?

Original artwork from Kenn-Brown

But again, just like why I play a game, I never wanted to play a rigger because of the actual rules associated with them. It was more about being a rigger. This is my view about moving to 6th edition, I’ll bring to life the range of skills by great role playing and interaction, working alongside players to co-create the world in which we are all adventuring in.

I’ve never been invited to play Shadowrun, but one of the skills I really like is the idea of riggers. The idea of drones really apply to me and I was always aware that the feeling that the riggers did not receive much ‘attention’ in 5th edition and that this might change in 6th. This might or might not be the case, but I would still play a rigger. In the range of MMOs in existence, there are always updates and expansions when certain classes get buffed and/or nerfed, usually accompanied by numerous out cries of unfairness.


I always felt that I was behind with 5th Edition and although I will not be at the front of the queues to buy 6th Edition on release, I do want to welcome Shadowrun back into the fold. This new edition provides me the opportunity to actually engage with many of the forums equally, since I will be encountering the rules at the same time as everyone else. I might not have a regular group to play with, but I am certainly looking forward to the new edition and will welcome it with open arms. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll manage to get a group together and once more venture off in the shadows of the cyberpunk world.

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