New Game – Class envy and indecision.

Well although the tinsel is still hanging from the ceiling, Christmas is over for another year and as we eat up the last of the turkey and stuffing, I decided to write a waffle about a new game which I am experiencing. However, although I am enjoying engaging with the game I am having the usual problems with it. What is the problem – well I just can’t decide what to play!

Leading up to Christmas day I had the opportunity to stream a lot more and rather than just playing Star Wars all the time, I decided to engage with a range of different and new games (There will definitely be a waffle coming about these!). One of the games I started to play was Black Desert Online. Although I had downloaded this ages ago I had never really ventured into the game due to how complex it seemed. However with the support of Belgian_Dragon – a seasoned Black Desert player – I ventured back and soon found that I was enjoying playing a new and different game. However, the reoccurring issue came about – which class should I play!

I do wish I had a class type. What do I mean by this? Well whenever people start a new game many people go for a certain class. They find the tank, the archer type, the magic user or the melee DPS and wade in. My first problem is that I don’t appear to have a type of class to play. Interestingly enough, when I consider this, I always think that I am the ranged magic user type, although this differs from people within my Twitch Stream who always see me as a tank. I think I originally started to play the magic users due to no-one wanting to play them in the D&D – and with only 4HP at first level and one spell who could blame them! Maybe I always for this class because I think that no-one ever plays them. I think if someone told me which class to play then I would probably find this easier. I do read multiple blog posts and watch several videos to try and see which class would be the easiest or the best one from me to play – but this just gets me even more confused.

One of the most popular pieces of advice I get when I voice my class dilemmas is to play the class which appeals to me the most. This again just causes me more difficulties, since if you read anything about any class they always say what they are best at doing and how well they can play the game. And, if I read about a class which is not very good to play, I appear to be instantly drawn to this class – not that I would be able to prove it could be played better, but more that it would provide an excuse for the lack of expertise when I was playing. I think this relates to wanting other people to decide what I should play – I can always blame someone else.

Few people have only one character in a game – although playing Final Fantasy last week actually introduced me to a game which allowed you to be every class and change these within the game so that only one character would be possible – shame you couldn’t change race as well. Whenever I start to get a character stable together, my mathematical brain automatically starts to look for a pattern within the character choices. Once this has been recognised I try to use it to dictate future class choices. For example – are all the classes male, is there a range of melee, tank and ranged class or even, is there an equal split between male and female classes. As you can imagine with all these criteria going on in my mind, the problem of choosing a class is getting harder and harder – but wait – I’m not finished yet!

Weapons are really important to me. I like certain weapons over others. Twin weapons – like double swords are great looking, although staffs are too and I sword and board approach always looks great! I think that probably covers a huge range of weapons which makes it yet again difficult for me to decide. But, as well as the actual weapon, there is another issue which I have to take into account – Fighting style. I really can’t cope with standing there trying to cast a spell as mobs hit me – usually hard! With ranged classes I need either a pet to take the aggro off me, some kind of shield to protect me or to be so powerful that I can actually kill the mobs at range before they get to me. If this is not possible then melee needs to be chosen although I am not very good at mobility at all and if I need to us positional attacks then my attempt at this sort of playing style can only be seen as laughable!

So, I’m still back at the beginning of which class I should play and, perhaps more importantly, which class could I play well! Many people will state to play the class I enjoy the most, although until you have played them all how do you actually know which one you enjoy? I guess what I will end up doing is playing a range of different classes, swapping every time I see a video or someone playing a class better than me. Or maybe I’ll just end up having one of every class and not having any which can be classed as my main. At least when playing Star Wars the Old Republic you actually get a title for this!>

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