New purchases!

I know I’m not the most intelligent person around but it would appear that I am also quite naive and almost stupid at times! After buying some essential ‘stuff’ on Amazon, I suddenly found that I had a huge bill to pay! Breaking out in the cold sweat, I quickly checked the contents of my basket to make sure I hadn’t added something several times – I’ve been known to do that – only to find that I had been browsing the store adding things to my basket that I would like to buy but really had no need to buy and, due to them being below the bottom of the screen, I had accidentally purchased them!!! I could have sent them all back – but hey – maybe it was fate!

Stream Deck

I’m never ever really good at making decisions and sticking with them. I am currently trying to decide which streaming software I want to use whether this be Stream Elements, Streamlabs ,OBS Studio or StreamLabsOBS. I really can see the advantages of them all and despite trying to look at the pros and cons of each system like I did with Discord and the Twitch one (Can’t even remember what it was called now!) I am still in a quandary. As I was trying to decide, along came my new Stream Deck. Can I just say – WoW! I love it! I had seen some images online about it and actually thought you would have to print out paper copies of the buttons to stick behind them, but you don’t!! You add them to the progam and they appear – I seriously was ecstatic! It looks so nice. I have a slight issue with the top middle button not actually clicking properly, but I have put my viewer count there so I don’t need to actually use it. Something else which will make you laugh – when I was awaiting its arrival I was trying to decide the priority for which buttons I wanted on the device, but then I found out that you can make folders!!!! I was in heaven! Definitely a thumbs up for my new stream deck! Just need to decide if I want to go with Stream Elements or Stream Labs now…

Elgato Green Screen

If you had ever seen my -“behind the scenes” image of my setup, you will be aware that I actually had to hold my green screen up with a piece of string and peg! Coupled with this was that it frequently fell down and I had to start setting it up like 30 minutes before the stream was due to start to get it correct position and on the screen. But now I have the Elgato Green Screen, flick it open and pull it up and voila! instant setup! No pegs, no string and instantly in the correct position! There has been some issues with it. First – it’s big! I didn’t realise how big it was until it arrived in its cardboard box. My brother managed to get it into his car to bring it to my streaming den, but I did struggle carrying it. Due to its size I actually had to rearrange my streaming den. I did this in various steps, thinking that I might have to change the whole layout round in order to accommodate my new purchase but, luckily, I managed to slide it in and make it work. Using it is a dream – I slide it out and pull it up and bingo done! People watching the stream actually thought I had improved my camera! So as well as making the whole ‘setting up to stream’ easier – it would appear it has had a positive impact on my face! Well worth the cash!

What will I purchase next? Well I do fancy a new computer and maybe some of those 4k curved monitors by Alienware, but I think I will have to buy a new streaming den before I can afford and fit those in! I’m a small streamer in more ways than one! BTW I already have an Elgato Capture thingie for my X-Box, although I never ever stream from it – maybe it is time to upgrade to a PS4 (is that the right phrase? upgrading? :P) – so I almost have the complete Elgato family of devices! If you have any suggestions what I should get next then please let me know – keen to be the best streamer I can be – but plastic surgery is out of the question!

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