New Schedule!


New Year, New Schedule

So, the end of the year is fast approaching and it is time for me to look forward to think about how I will grow my Twitch and YouTube channels in 2019. I’ve really enjoyed my ‘Stream Everyday in December’ challenge, but I know that I can’t actually maintain it for the rest of the year, so its time to get a schedule together

Staying the same

I know that somethings will be staying the same into the new year, so it’s probably better to state these first.

Elder Scrolls Online will continue to be my main game. Although I have loads of characters there is so much more I want to achieve and Bethesda does well at bringing us new events and items to collect. I’m really enjoying leveling up my NightBlade Magicka Healer at the moment. It is great that he is an Argonian and quite ‘dark’ as he soaks the life force from the mobs and himself to heal the group. Plus, I was so pleased to actually get the name ‘Feed-me-Souls’! I do also want to create a Stamina Sorcerer Tank – going to be an orc! – to take up the tanking options. I really like the idea that the almost opposites of the classes and roles. I would also like to use the add on to allow me to have the DPS of both characters as well. I really want to get the Murkmire house when it comes available and then I will start to tackle all those furniture items I would like. Coupled with this, I really want to learn as much as I can with my main (Yannox) related to crafting. There are so many writs he can’t do at the moment – I want him to be able to craft everything So definitely more ESO on the cards for next year, so I will continue to dedicate Saturday and Sunday to the game, both starting at 14:00 GMT.

Mythras is also going well. I have enjoyed creating the Youtube videos relating to the game and there appear to be quite a few people enjoying the Actual Play sessions on Twitch now. Plus I have so much campaign development to achieve. yet that I can’t see myself giving up on it, despite the attraction of D&D 5e and other rulesets such as Call of Cthulhu, Starfinder and Shadowrun. Yes, the Saturday evening slot starting at 19:00 GMT is definitely taken by some RPGing and Mythras!

Full Streaming Schedule

So that’s Saturday and Sunday sorted but what about the rest of the week. Well I think I am going to try and do two more schedule streams during the week, leaving the other evenings to produce some Youtube content. Yes, there will be more content coming to YouTube including some reviews, some more StreamElements setup vids and of course more RPGing ones!

I am going to try and stream two days during my work week although this will be dependent on my full time job. Hopefully I will make Tuesday and Thursday regular streaming times. But what will I be streaming? Well, everytime I rsee my Channel’s Introduction, I become aware that I am not fulfilling all the games which flash by. So Tuesday’s stream is going to be something relating to a simulation game. This might be anything from Minecraft to Stardew Valley! Surely I will be able to figure out how to fish if I play it more often! Surely I will be able to figure out how to fish if I play it more often!

Surely I will be able to figure out how to fish if I play it more often!

My dream for Stardew Valley

On Thursday, the plan is to try and stream Black Desert Online. I am slowly getting back into this game. It has so much depth, that I feel that I could probably enjoy this game for some time. Although there is a lot of grinding there appears to be a great crafting system as well which I might be able to get my teeth into!


To summarise, I will be moving from three streams a week to five streams. You can see the details below. All times are GMT.

  • Tuesday 19:30 – Simulation Game – e.g. Stardew Valley and Minecraft
  • Thursday 19:30 – MMO – Black Desert Online
  • Saturday 14:00 – Elder Scrolls Online
  • Saturday 19:00 – RPG – Mythras
  • Sunday 14:00 – Elder Scrolls Online

If you have the time it would be great to see you in any or all the streams. I always try and engage with the chat, although when I am DMing, it is a little bit more difficult, so please be patient. If you like any of my content then please feel free to subscribe, like or even comment in all the appropriate places. Thanks for reading, and I’ll catch you later!

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