New term, New schedule!

What’s happening to the games I play?

Yes it is September which means only one thing – full time work as started again! This has had an impact on the games I am able to GM for. As players return to work, their availability is reduced. Currently there is no Shadowrun on a Tuesday and no Call of Cthulhu on a Thursday. We managed to slip in a Starfinder this week, and possibly next week, but that will be it. With these RPGs stopping, I suddenly have more evenings available in order to stream so, in order to prevent burn out with Elder Scrolls Online, I decided to dabble in some new games to see how they go!

Thoughts about the autumn season

I was looking at the analytics for my website this morning, and I suddenly realised how being back at work impacts on the blog. When on vacation I can blog a lot more consistency throughout the week, but with time being reduced for hobbies, I find it difficult to be able to blog during the week. I’m going to try and keep Saturday as the main blogging day, with re-runs being available as well, as they happen. I have thought about even writing a blog post while streaming, but I tend to need the distraction of a coffee shop in order to get my creative juices a flowing!

New Games, New Schedule?

As well as going back to work, I am also thinking to reduce the time I spend on my radio station. The licenses are paid for up to Jan 2019 and I pay monthly for the software, but it is not even breaking even with donations and listeners are actually better when there is just constant music playing rather than my LIVE radio shows. This has meant that I have more time for streaming so new games where needed! So, this is what I propose!

  • Monday – ESO Crafting / Gathering playing my main
  • Tuesday – Sims4 – If my life was different!
  • Wednesday – Night off!
  • Thursday – Maybe SWTOR battlegrounds – not too sure yet!
  • Friday – Stardew Valley
  • Saturday – ESO – tanking ; Mythras Role Playing Game
  • Sunday – ESO – tanking

I have thought about one evening stream always being a new game or even always being a collab with someone – although I will need to increase both the games I play and my social network in order to make this happen!

In Summary

I am hoping to continue to have a regular streaming schedule and really strive to increase both the community and followers. Hopefully some of these new games might bring in some new followers and nice people as well! So, don’t forget to come along and see how I do!

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