No more long actual play videos!

I thought that I would try yet another approach to sharing our actual play videos with you all. I realise, and thanks for the feedback, that the videos are really long and sometimes it is hard to keep up track on where you are on the video. Last week, I downloaded the video and started to split it up into certain timed sections, although doing this was not difficult, it then was taking a long time to render these clips and then upload them to YouTube. Worse was the fact that I couldn’t actually use my video during this time due to the CPU usage. Therefore I have come up with a new idea!

The Future of actual play videos!

What I am planning to do with the actual play videos

This is how I am going to share our actual play sessions in the future, so I will be interested to know what you think, so let me know in the comment box below

  • First, the whole video will be uploaded to YouTube, so if you prefer to watch the whole video, then this will still be available.
  • As well as this I am going to provide an overview of the session, with the main sections of the game identified and the link provided to go to that part of the video. For example there will be sections relating to the introduction of characters, the main combats, their discussion about plans etc.
  • Finally I will split the video into roughly 30 minutes chunks, and provide the links to these sections in a series of Part 1, 2,3 etc. This will allow you to watch one section and then come back to the next part if you wish.

Hopefully this will help the actual play videos to become a little more accessible for everyone. Remember let me know in the comments below what you think of this new method of sharing and also if you would like to see any specific videos relating to the game. Hope you enjoy the sessions as much as we do!

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