Badger Bear Mount

November’s Crown Store Goodies!

November is here!

Yes after the scary stream which I did on halloween – I am safe for another year as November and the autumnal weather hits the UK. Cold temperature, frost, rain and wind – I’m in heaven! Also the clocks went back an hour last weekend, so I am in my favourite part of the year when everything is perfect! And something else which is perfect are the crown store deals which will be available this month. Let’s have a look what I will be working towards.

All for a sub

Well there appears to be some lovely freebies coming to us ESO subscribers! There are some great items and deals. I’ll definitely be logging on to claim these as well as trying to save my crowns for future purchases. Well done Bethesda! Oh and drops will be activated again at certain times throughout November, so as well as being entertained by my streams you also get ESO crates to open! What could be better!

Badger Bear Mount
Badger Bear Mount

Pets and Mounts

Always the first on my list, although I might have to start buying furniture packs to start to fill my new Summerset abode! I’m not sure whether I like the Ebon Steel Dwarven Spider. I’m more of a natural sort of guy, but it would go nicely with my Magicka Warden who rides a robotic guar! Maybe one day we will get a minature of that in the pet sale (hint, hint). I’ve not yet purchased a bear mount – they always seem very popular, especially when Wardens ride around on them with their pet bear out as well. However, the new Badger Bear looks kind of unusual and I think I might actually buy this one. Not for my Warden though, perhaps for a new magicka DragonKnight which I want to create!

Costumes and Accessories

I’m not a great lover of costumes. I like new outfits, but the costumes which are just new formal dress etc, don’t float my boat. Interestingly though the outfit which Kassandra wears in Murkmire will be available. I’m no fashion designer, but I certainly spent some time in my stream commenting about it and what was going on with the straps! See when I play ESO on Twitch, you get entertainment and fashion tips! I do like the new hats, I’ve had one of these before, with the Wildhunt update. It reminds me of the Witch hunters from Diablo 3. I think I might buy one if I have any crowns left over – I definitely need to keep within my budget this month! As for the skull face mask, nah. My face is scary enough without putting this on it! On second thoughts it might be look better!

Troll King Arms Pack


I think I am generally too precious over my crowns. I do have about 5k left, but I can’t seem to actually buy things. I really wanted the arms pack from last month and similar the Troll King Arms Pack looks great. It’s generally the shields which attracts me – shields on tanks look great! For me the bigger the better definitely. Although I do find it hard to play Stamina builds. I might splash out for the arms pack this month – depending what else pops up on the way to the end of the month.

Snow Globe House
Snow Globe House

Housing and Furniture

Now that I actually have a house, rather than a pokey little room in the local inn, I have started to become interested in furniture. The snow globe house seems interesting, almost TARDIS like! I’ll definitely give this a preview and might, if my crown balance allows, buy it. As for furniture – well there are some nice packs although I think I really want to try and make my own. I will have to ask my community this weekend whether buying a pack actually means you get the recipes to make them or whether it is just an item. Please tell me that everyone else actually finds there are not enough hours in the day to do everything you want to in ESO!

Come and join me

I tend not to do an update about what I actually buy, but you can always come and watch me stream the game and see what I actually do end up buying. I’m quite indecisive so any support in deciding what to buy is always appreciated! You can find me on Twitch or posting on Twitter. My online community is friendly, supportive and positive – a great group of people to be around. If you have any suggestions what you would like to see me buy or have recommendations then please let me know in the comments – always good to have a chat with fellow ESOers!

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