OMG cinematic!

If you view anyone’s posts at the moment about World of Warcraft they are all about the new cinematic and the release date. I would comment these however I wasn’t sure what sure what was happening. I recognised Guldan – my warlock uses his left hand on cool down, but I’m afraid that’s where it ends. Where were the Alliance? So until I actually get some understanding of what it was all about I thought I would just quickly write about my newest achievement….

While I was watching Treckie level I noticed that he was riding around on a Green Fire Hawk! It was very impressive and listening carefully I realised that this was unique to this current beta but would be available in the expansion. I quickly looked down my mounts and found every other hawk but the green one. I searched and filtered but still nothing appeared. In my dismay I put it down to not gaining an achievement or having enough WOW Kudos points. I continued riding around on my heron – is it a heron or a stalk? – until I was watching Syiler the next day when he mentioned that to get the hawk you had to type /use green fire hawk. As you can imagine I was straight in there! Here are the images!





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