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It’s not a secret that I love MMO’s. I am currently running four from Elder Scrolls Online to World of Warcraft. But it is with Black Desert Online that I have recently achieved some success!

Yes, that game that usually completely mystifies me has started to come up trumps!

New Classes!

When I first started to play Black Desert Online, I looked at the classes and got drawn to Valkyrie! With her huge shield and Lancia, she looked so impressive. This, coupled with the fact that she was heralded as a support class really hooked me and I wanted to play one straight away!

However I started to listen too close to other people (one of my many flaws) and I rolled a Musa instead. But as I developed with the game I have started to branch out and play other classes, perfecting the levelling to 56th level and the awakened weapon. Since my first Musa, I have levelled other classes and in a moment of time when I had little to do, I signed onto BDO and started a Valkyrie. Within hours I found myself becoming more accustomed to her skills and actually managed to level her in record time! She now has her Lancia and Shield and is ready to move on. It might be that in the future I will be known as a Valk main!

But there have been other new classes! The Nova appeared on how season servers and I have been levelling her over this holiday season. The cold star has arose once more!

New Guild

Completely unexpectedly, (without any exchange of money!) I have been invited to join a new guild!

It is a great guild and they have been so supportive of me and my rather unique playing style! I have been introduced to farming, which included me planting crops and then deleting them all!, and even been invited to kill a sea boss!

I really didn’t know what to do at all, but even though I died, I did enjoy it and managed to snap some images. And I didn’t get the elusive heart – whatever that is.

Here are the images!















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